Building your success mindset

Can you build wealth by just upgrading your mindset?Women who worked with me know that upgrading one’s money mindset is my greatest strength. I have the ability to upgrade my client’s success mindset that they feel so empowered and as a result, achieved their goals.The truth is, success is all about mindset. Of course, there’s this 20%… Continue reading Building your success mindset

Law of Attraction – everything you need to know

Bo Sanchez calls it The Law of Harvest. Rhonda Byrne calls it The Secret. Oprah, in one of her interviews, mentioned that she’s been practicing the law of attraction early on with her career without even being aware of it.So, what exactly is the law of attraction? How can it be beneficial to us? How… Continue reading Law of Attraction – everything you need to know

Passive income – is it achievable for regular Pinoys?

I was really depressed in 2014. I wanted to quit my job and be a SAHM. Although my heart screams home, my logical mind kept on saying it ain’t the right time. Living in Dubai is expensive, and with our kids studying, rents to pay, and our everyday expenses, a one-income household might not be… Continue reading Passive income – is it achievable for regular Pinoys?

When you don’t feel ready

“Lyn Joy, hindi pa ako ready…” Mga 190364763 times ko na narinig yang line na yan. At madaming variations yan: “Kulang pa yung ipon ko para mag-start.”“Madami pa akong ginagawa ngayon. Wala ako time.”“Aaralin ko muna.”“Kelangan ko muna gawin ‘to bago ko gawin yan…”“I’m waiting for the sign!” Have I told you the story of… Continue reading When you don’t feel ready

Someone told me, “I want to be wealthy.”

People I met are quite comfortable talking about money whenever they’re with me and I appreciate that. I don’t get it why others feel more comfortable talking about their dieting success or failures than with money. I mean, money should be treated the same way as other resources we have, let’s say technology. How can… Continue reading Someone told me, “I want to be wealthy.”

Why do we fail?

Luke: I can’t believe it. Yoda: That is why you fail. George Lucas, Classic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Examples of failure: – Nag set ka ng ipon goals pero hindi mo na-achieve– Sabi mo mag start ka ng business pero hindi natuloy– Increase your profit pero nganga pa din– Babawasan mo yung pagkain… Continue reading Why do we fail?