“How come I can’t manifest?”

What is meant for you will find you

I wholeheartedly believe this…

You don’t need to stress about the future.
You don’t have to worry if there will be enough.
Because what is meant for you will find you.

But the “believe” part is the most difficult part in the manifesting process. Letting go and believing that your desire will manifest - and the waiting part - trigger all our money blocks.

No matter how many times we write our desires,
no matter if we say all these affirmations and mantras,
no matter if we do all the visualization and meditation
if in our core we doubt that our desire will manifest, it is then difficult to make it happen.

“LynJoy, I know that my heart and mind should 100% believe for something to manifest. But how can I do it when I’m constantly reminded na mahirap sya ma-achieve? I try to feel good, grateful, and abundant but many times, I feel it’s all a lie.”


You won’t believe 100% and that’s okay!!!

Here’s the thing, our mind knows what has already happened. Our mind also absorbs all the events and experiences of our family, friends, and the society at large. And all these created our limiting beliefs - because we’ve experienced, heard, seen, felt everything in the past (and the present).

To say that we know what will happen in the future is a complete lie. We don’t. We’re not Nostradamus. We can’t even predict if Taal will freaking blow up this week or not!

So you can imagine if there is some kind of resistance when we try to manifest. There is no way we can wholeheartedly remove our doubt to something that will happen in the future. Sure, in theory, maganda na wala kang doubt di ba? But who the hell are we kidding?

Think about this though, for sure you’ve manifested plenty of good things in your life - most of them unconsciously.

Pause for a few minutes and think of some amazing things you’ve experienced and accomplished (being a parent, graduating from college, having a job, places you’ve travelled to, etc) Also enumerate the beautiful things you have right now (your phone, laptop, house, bag, etc).

I bet that you never obsessively thought about them. They just happened. You can’t really say that everyone can have a baby or afford to buy a bus ticket to visit their family but you did (for example). You manifested most of the things you have without thinking. As if they just happened! You were not obsessively writing down your desires or reciting it 100x a day. If you really think about it, the reality manifested because of the energy you emitted - it was the energy of knowing it will happen no matter what.

The ‘how’ is none of your business

Our mind is designed to plan and figure out stuff. That’s a good thing. But what our mind can’t foresee is the infinite possibilities. We think that if we want to have a 5-bedroom house near the lake, that we need to earn this much and save this much, and be promoted to this job or speak to the bank to negotiate interest rates, etc. We create a plan on how we will manifest our dream house.

But as you know, this is not how it works. There is an unlimited combination of circumstances that can lead to getting all the things our heart desires.

My advice though is pay attention to your intuition. This intuitive feeling brought you to where you are right now. These little nudges from the Universe that you listened to and made you achieved/accomplished things. And these nudges, the same way it led you to your desires, will also manifest what you want in the future.

Who knows, that strong nudge to strike a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop, will lead to 10 new clients for you. And this is why the ‘how’ is none of our business.

Our job is to dream, believe, and take inspired actions.

Don’t be desperate

I think this is how I want to summarize this newsletter. Manifestation is all about energy. You can’t ‘mask’ your fears with positive thoughts and mantras. You can’t fake happiness. The Universe doesn’t respond to our conscious wants and desires - it responds to our energy. It can’t give us something just because we want it or because we’re good people. We co-create.

So do what you need to do (inspired actions) and continue following your feelings. Don’t be desperate or overthink if you’re doing it right. If presented with two options, go with the one that feels better.

Let God do the rest.

Do you have any questions about manifesting? Maybe I can help you. Just reply to this email. xx

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  1. This is beautiful Lyn Joy! Amazingly, I landed on your page when I searched for ‘Pinay introvert’. It’s been years that my gut is telling me to start a blog but never really had the courage to do so. As an introvert, I believe that writing is one that I enjoyed the most, and hope that even in the slightest way possible I can impact other people’s lives. I’ve recently read Think and Grow Rich and The Power of Subconscious Mind, and then this article about manifestation. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for inspiring me, your writing resonated well with me!

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