Law of Attraction – everything you need to know

Bo Sanchez calls it The Law of Harvest. Rhonda Byrne calls it The Secret. Oprah, in one of her interviews, mentioned that she's been practicing the law of attraction early on with her career without even being aware of it.

So, what exactly is the law of attraction? How can it be beneficial to us? How can regular Pinoys apply it in our everyday lives? And lastly, does it really work?

What is the Law of Attraction?

Simply put, the law of attraction states that we attract what we keep on thinking, feeling, and believing. May it be positive or negative, good or bad, consciously or not, what we focus on becomes our reality.

Do you ever wonder why two people who have the same skills set and educational attainment, the same goals and aspirations, will end up having one person more successful than the other? Why is it that the X toy store sells better than the Y toy store next to it when they just offer the same thing? Is it because one is more 'blessed' than the other? Or can we deduce it to luck?

When I built a house, published a book, bought cars, traveled abroad, built businesses, invested, and retired from my daytime job - all in a short span of 5 years - do you think it was because I'm more blessed than others or I'm just a plain lucky b*tch? For an outsider, it's easy to conclude that I'm just "luckier" or "more blessed". Maybe because I'm married to a good guy. Maybe because I had a good job. Maybe because I'm a good person. Maybe because I'm always in the right place at the right time. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Can I tell you a secret though?

When I became aware of the law of attraction - that my mind can manifest everything that God bestows us - I immediately practiced it, harnessed it, and applied it with my everyday life. Instead of just wishing, I'm manifesting consciously. I took control of my thoughts instead of my thoughts controlling me.

And this is what the Law of Attraction is all about. You attract the same thing you constantly think, feel, say, do, and believe. Feeling grateful for small things will attract more things to be grateful for. Thinking about debt, and fearing it, will bring more debt into your life. Complaining about your nagging pain will increase the pain you're feeling. The law of attraction is a universal principle that is working in your life 24/7. The same way that the law of gravity never stops (it will never happen that the pigs will fly just because the law of gravity forgets to apply with them).

If you're a Christian/Catholic/God-fearing, faithful, son and daughter of God, I know you might think that God is the be-all and end-all of everything. That we don't have any control of things and Thy will be done, right?

As I became more aware of how amazing this law of attraction is, the deeper my relationship with God becomes. In 2015, the bible quote, "with God, all things are possible" was in the middle of my vision board. Since then, this is the most basic principle in the Holy Book that I completely believe in. And as my gratitude and deep faith grew, the bigger things I'm able to manifest. God gave all His resources for His children to live abundantly. And note that God never discriminates? Do you agree with me? No matter our gender, race, age, social status, political affiliation - even if we believe in Him or not - all His blessings are for us to claim. 

Everything we need, we have. If you feel you're lacking something, you only need to recognize that these resources and blessings are already out there. You need to just claim them. If you're praying for a child, a partner, a job, for your business to grow, for your health to improve, for money - know that everything you've been praying for has already been given to you. 

"But Lyn Joy, I don't want more money. I just want to be happy and healthy."

I would like to talk about Money Blocks in detail but that's another long topic we can discuss later. For now, know that I understand your point. When you say you don't mind having no money as long as you're happy and healthy, I get you. It doesn't mean though that I agree with you.

My friend, what you want is freedom. 

You want to be free from worry. 
You want to be free from stress. 
You want to enjoy life.
You want to live peacefully.

Did I get it right?

But how can you be happy if you're chasing time? If you keep on saying there's not enough hours in a day to do the things that you love? You complain of not having enough time with your family because of work. 

How can you be free from stress when you need to take a loan for emergency expenses like hospital visits? That if you lose your job now, being so financially dependent on it, you'll be in big trouble. How can you enjoy life if you have zero savings (unless you have the opportunity to live on an island where everything you need, you have. Lucky you!)

How can you live peacefully if you're surrounded by negative people? A family member/colleague/friend/boss who keeps on complaining, nagging, or talking negatively? The worst is you can't get rid of them.

The aim is never to have an exorbitant wealth. The dream is to live a life that you've imagined for yourself. A life that is free from financial worry. Take the break you need, focus on your mental health and well-being, enjoy luxuries, donate - do all these and more without having to worry if you have enough money to make them happen. 

Have a good relationship with money

Money won't make you happy. Money can't mend your broken relationships. Money won't magically heal you or make you a better person.

However, money gives freedom. When you have money, you don't need to stress about money, right? If you get sick, you can focus on healing instead of worrying about where to get the money to pay for treatment. If you got a bad boss, it's comforting to know that you can resign anytime knowing you have savings and emergency funds to live by while searching for a new job. You don't need to live in misery going to work every day.

And this is how I let the law of attraction works for me. I released all my negative associations about money. Money is not the enemy. Money is my friend. Money is always there when I need it. Making money is easy.

Let's not demonize money. Money is just a tool and neutral. It's not good nor bad. It's the person owning the money that ultimately decides if she/he will use it for good or evil. Money simply amplifies who we are in our core.

Note: I talk about money, because, well, The Wealthy Pinay is all about money mindset. You can use the law of attraction in other areas of your life - relationships, health, career, vocation. One example of how I practice the law of attraction to stay on my weight goal is by constantly saying that I'm not gaining weight even though I eat like an elephant (no offense to all the elephants). I believe I'm not gaining weight, I brainwashed my brain that I'm not gaining weight even though I'm eating a lot, therefore, what I keep on saying and believing became my reality. 

When you feel lack, that's the time you should give

Okay, you might get confused with that one so let me explain further. If you feel you are short of money, give money away. If you feel you are lacking love, give love away. If you feel you're not respected, give respect to others. 

What's the logic behind this?

If we focus on what's lacking, what do you think will happen? Well, if you constantly feel bad for things that are not going well with your life, the lack that you're feeling will come to you tenfold! The lack of money, love or respect that you're complaining about will continue until you change your belief.

By now, I believe, you already understood how the law of attraction works. What you keep on focusing, thinking, and feeling will come back to you, good or bad.

If you feel that you are not loved or respected, then shower the people around you with more love and respect. Don't be dependent on other people's behavior and feelings. Focus on what you're putting out there. 

If money is tight, my greatest advice (I know this is hard but believe me) is to share what you already have. Instead of focusing on the bills and due dates (and where to get the money to pay for it), share your pandesal with the street children in your area. You can give five or ten pesos. You can share the vegetables in your garden. You can prepare a sandwich for your building's security guard or cleaner.

Why does this work? I'm not really sure but I have an idea - GRATITUDE.

Why Gratitude is important?

Gratitude is more than saying thank you or feeling positive. When we focus more on what we already have and received rather than what's lacking or missing, that's gratitude. 

I consider myself a relatively positive person. I don't like drama. I never engaged in fights or negative issues. I rarely read or watch the news. But when I became aware of the law of attraction, not only I become a more positive person but my gratefulness has gone to the roof! I realized how fortunate I am finishing college even though my parents struggled. I feel deeply grateful that we never experienced skipping a meal. I am grateful for given an opportunity to work abroad. I am grateful for having a loving and supportive family.

 I am grateful for the debt, heartache, and pain I had experienced because now I appreciate more the money, the relationships, and the health I have. Without these negative experiences, I might just take for granted everything I'm enjoying right now. 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

How to apply the law of attraction in everyday life

There are many articles available online on how you can practice the law of attraction. What I'll tell you now is The Wealthy Pinay way. Something that works for me and many others I've mentored. This is a combination of mindset, manifesting, and practical ways. The more you practice this and put a conscious effort into attracting what you want, the easier it will become. Ready?


Sky is the limit. Dream like a child. Nothing is impossible.

It's no easier to attract one peso than to attract one million. The only reason one million seems to be harder is because we always associate it to be harder. Are you earning 10,000? Maybe more than that, probably 20k? There are people out there who think it's impossible to earn the amount you're earning. And you might think, it's not that difficult to earn 10k or 20k. What's difficult is to earn 50k!

Do you see where I'm going? What's impossible to you is not impossible for others, and vice versa. It's only ourselves who put limits on our earning capacity. I call it our energetic money ceiling - limiting beliefs like, "it will take a long time," "there's no way I can work harder than what I'm doing right now," "I need more luck". Whenever we reach our money ceiling, we believe there's no way we can earn more than we're currently earning.

I allow you to dream. If you haven't done so, please write everything you want in your notebook. List down all your heart's desires. No off-limits. Just let it flow. Don't think that what you want is too greedy, useless, non-sense, or impossible.

Bad people dream too, and if they don't have limiting beliefs, they can easily get what they want without any issue. So, if they can achieve their wants, why not a good, heart-centered person like you?

Treat life as a blank canvas of possibility; you are in control of what the finished picture could look like because you truly do. I keep on saying that God gave us all the resources in the world to live the life we imagined for ourselves. We just have to recognize all these resources and claim them.


 Now that you have asked what you want, the next step is to believe. Easier said than done though because this is where most people fail. We dream but then we shoot it ourselves immediately. A beach house? Impossible. 1 million savings? Impossible. Buy your parents their own house? Impossible. 

How can we have something that we can't even believe happening?

In the believe part, this is the most important thing you should remember - NEVER DOUBT. You asked for it so believe that it's already yours. Stop wishing for the same thing over and over again. And yes, it's not a typo error - DO NOT wish for it every day.

When you order an item from Shopee or Amazon, you don't keep on ordering the same item over and over again, right? You like something, you put it in your basket, you checkout and just wait for your item to arrive. The same thing with the law of attraction. Declare what you want and believe it will be delivered to you.

Belief is having faith that what you want is already yours.

Let me tell you an exercise I practice which helps me to manifest things fast. It's called visualization. Instead of wishing the same thing over and over again (which shows desperation and lack of faith, to be honest), I would instead imagine myself living the life with the thing I have asked for.

In 2017, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. That time, I don't know how or when it will happen but I set out my intention. Every day, I would imagine myself preparing breakfast in our own home, sending the kids to school, and then spending the rest of the day doing what I want. I kept on imagining the same scene over and over again. In 2019, the scene that I kept on replaying in my head became a reality. Is it a coincidence? I don't think so.

Take lots of inspired actions

The universe loves speed. If you asked something and an opportunity/idea comes to you, take it. Easier said than done though. I know because all your money blocks will pop up whenever there's a breakthrough happening...

"I'm not ready for this."
"It's not the right time."
"I don't have money for this."
"I don't have the time for this."
"I can't"
"I don't"

Doing something for the first time is downright scary and nerve-wracking. You might fail. You might lose. You might hate it. But how would you know unless you try?

Do you want to buy a house? Do you want to save money? Do you want to invest? Then take inspired actions to earn the money you need. Make sure your actions are aligned with your goals. Save. Invest. Find opportunities that will earn you money.

Now, what if it doesn't show up?

 You wrote down your dreams. You believe that you'll have it. You took inspired actions. And nothing happened. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nil. What gives?

Full disclaimer: Sometimes, no matter how much I wish for things to go my way, it just won't manifest. That's when I know that I'm trying too hard. Instead of 'releasing' and allowing the magic to happen, I'm focusing too much on how and when it will show up. Instead of having the 'gratitude attitude', I allowed myself to be consumed by my limiting beliefs.

"In God, all things are possible."

When things are not manifesting fast enough, that's when I step back and remind myself, "Thy will be done". There's no need to worry and there's nothing to be afraid of. Time and time again, I'm reminded that the life I am currently living now was just a dream before. The family I have, the home I'm living in, the relationships I built along the way, The Wealthy Pinay community - all these are dreams that I prayed for many years ago and they are now my reality.

Dream. Believe. Take lots of inspired actions.

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Guys, live the life you've imagined for yourself. You deserve it!

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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