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I thought promissory note was normal...

My siblings and I won the parent lottery. For sure my parents ain't perfect, heck, we're not perfect kids either. We fight, had disagreements, we frustrate each other yet I wouldn't trade my family for anyone in the world.

Thanks to my parents, we are not dirt poor but raising 6 children with no fixed income was not an easy feat. Growing up, I thought submitting promissory notes to the Registrar office was normal. I thought it was part of the process.

Few decades later, I'm now an adult. I had my first child, became a working mom, rented our own place, and did what I think all young adults had to go through. We bought a lot of things (on credit) for my growing family while continuously supporting our parents.

From the outside it seems everything was working out well. My husband and I have decent jobs, we have a small yet happy home, and I have a very cute baby.

However, I found myself charging everything to credit cards. Our salaries weren't enough to pay for our expenses. When I maxed out my first card, I got another one. And when I maxed the second card, I applied for my 3rd, 4th, and 5th credit card.

Soon, it was getting difficult to survive monthly especially the last days of the month. We ended up borrowing more. And that has been our cycle for a few years.

It was tiring, emotionally tiring...

And now I have…

… Thriving businesses

… Several sponsored children through World Vision

… Built our parents’ dream home and car

… Bought a property in Paranaque City (in cash!)

… Been travelling to new countries with family at least twice a year

… Several investments

... After more than 14 years as an OFW, we are finally retired and now back in the Philippines!

We're not extremely rich but we're now living comfortably.

You might ask then, how did you do it?

Did you win the lottery? No.

Did you sell your soul to the devil? No.

Did you become smarter? How I wish! Although, honestly, reading lots of business and personal development books helped tremendously.

Aren't you just lucky? Lucky feels like I didn't exert any effort and just stumbled into a pot of gold which is not the case at all.

You are blessed then. Yes! I am very blessed. From the day I was born until now. But aren't everyone blessed, too? You see, saying that another person is "more blessed" than others is not fair to God. I mean, come on!

And this is why I am doing this.

And the same reason why you are here now.

  • You want change
  • You want to find and serve your purpose
  • You want freedom

And I am telling you now, YOU CAN!

My name is Lyn Joy Talag-Cruz, a mother, wife, daughter, sister, entrepreneur, author, and your mastermind buddy. I am here to serve you and if there is one thing I truly want, that is to help you in your financial journey.

The Wealthy Pinay aims to be your primary tool to help achieve your ideal life, the life you have imagined for yourself and for your loved ones.  I will be your number one cheerleader because I truly believe you are capable of reaching your goals.

Invest in yourself and in your dreams. Take inspired action and believe.

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