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You're not here accidentally. This is not a coincidence. The fact that you're reading this is a big sign from the Universe that it's about time. You are ready. 

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Pinay money Bootcamp

The only online money mindset course in the Philippines designed for all entrepreneurial Pinays!  The Wealthy Pinay's signature course, Pinay Money Bootcamp, teaches you how to use smart online marketing tools to grow and expand your business. From branding to persuasion, from copywriting to growing your audience. More importantly, more than the skills, you'll learn how to untap your unique magic, release your money blocks, and manifest the life and business that you want for yourself.

One-on-One and group mentoring

One of the many reasons why clients hire LynJoy Talag-Cruz is because of her practical and actionable mentoring style. She walks the talks and doesn't do BS. Sure, money mindset, manifesting, and personal development all sounds too woo-woo or 'out there' but LynJoy's unique mentoring techniques produce tangible results. 

The Wealthy Pinay Ebook

Now available as an ebook! The Wealthy Pinay: A Guide For Exceptional Pinays to Create Their First Class Life is not only a book but a life-changer book. Don't just take my word for it. See some of the feedbacks from hundreds of Pinays who owns a copy

"Lynjoy's honest insight and passionate delivery will get you up and moving, to live the life you have imagined for yourself. I especially like the TWP's simple and relatable strategy to financial freedom. This book is worth reading again and again!" - Erin Braganza, Sydney

"Inspired and motivated. It hit a lot of emotional spots. This is a book that I would share with a friend to help or inspire them. This book is not just a one reader that after reading you would never read again but more of a friend, something to go back to when you need inspiration and a reminder that the power is within you to change your situation." - Jean Sablay, Paranaque

"Your book is so inspirational and moving. Like it's kicking me in the butt to move and get going with my projects." - Carla Roque, Dubai

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