Coronavirus: 4 things I’ve learned

We can all agree that this Corona virus turns the whole world upside down. Who knew it will be this big? Borders closed, flights cancelled, businesses shutting down. Earlier this month, I was happy we finally have a complete roster of nail technicians just in time for graduation and summer season. I have so many activities planned for March and April. My calendar is full of talks, events, and summer escapades. But just like Thanos' snap, everything vanishes. 

From optimism and excitement, to uncertainty and worry.

When the news broke out that all non-essentials businesses will close down, I was worried. I'm thinking of our lost income and also worried about our staff. Paano na sila? I'll be honest. I was initially hesitant to pay their full March salary when there was no income coming in. As a business owner, we will still need to pay the commercial rent and that alone will have a big dent on our finances. We also have many obligations and bills to pay. I'm not Sharon Cuneta rich you know.

Amidst fear and scarcity, I recognized that it was just my money blocks taking over. My intuition tells me I shouldn't be afraid, and now more than ever I need to practice my abundance mindset. When my husband and I talked about paying their salary in full, it was an easy decision, "We need to help them now. We'll figure out our next move in the coming weeks." We also applied DOLE financial assistance for them.

I know from experience that being generous with kind intentions, even when you feel scarce, attracts so much in return. Channeling our abundance mindset proves that we have faith. Faith that everything is being taken care of. Faith that our decisions and actions are guided. Faith that we're safe and blessed.

What have I learned from this virus?

For sure a lot of us had so many realizations. Can you relate to any of this?

1. Savings is VERY important

Saving money is always a good idea but most of us rarely do. Excuses such as low salary, high cost of living, many obligations, etc are the main reasons why most Pinoys can't even keep 20 pesos a day (although they can afford to buy phone credits or cigarettes daily). But after this pandemic, I'd like to think we finally understood the importance of saving for emergencies. 

Personally, I would increase my savings further and ensure it's not tied up with any investment. It should be liquid and easily accessible when required. 

2. We CAN live without most things

Covid-19 proves that we can live without most things - the restaurants, the movie houses, the salons, the malls. I used to say that I'll never miss any dentist appointment while I'm still on dental braces but you know what? I have so many gaps between my teeth now and who knows when I'll see my dentist again but that's okay. With so many issues happening around the world, my jagged teeth are the least of my concern. 

3. And there are things that we CAN'T live without

If you're still alive, money is important to have. Most people who violate the government's quarantine instructions are those who direly need to work for money. Without earning, they won't have food. Unless you've grown a small farm or have access to the sea for fishing, most of us need money to buy the very basic stuff like food. That's the reality of life.

Some people might say that the internet is important but honestly, after living without it for 1 month after we move back from Dubai, I can say it's doable. Difficult but you won't die.

4. Social Media can be toxic

I kinda know that social media can be nasty but I now realized how dangerous it can truly be. If we're not careful, we can easily be sucked into this black hole called Facebook and Twitter. I know because I was there. For the first few days after lockdown, I was glued on my phone for 16+ hours. My only break was when I'm cooking, taking a shower or sleeping. 

This is unusual for me since I value productivity. Time is money. If you deduct the number of hours we spend on sleeping, we roughly have 16 hours to spend on things that matter to us, and I don't think social media will solve our problems. We really have to be discerning of what we feed our brain.

I'm not saying I quit checking my phone, I still do. But I set my intention to do more productive things while in quarantine. I have applied for a VA job, I'm finally attending some online courses which was on my 'to do' list for months now, I'm writing often, and I'm polishing the Pinay Money Bootcamp.

Speaking of Pinay Money Bootcamp...

Just before this virus took over, I was planning to launch the all-new Pinay Money Bootcamp. Well, this is actually version 3.0 of my previous TWP Bootcamp and Zero to CEO courses. Instead of helping everyone to start their dream business, I decided to focus on startup female entrepreneurs who want to share their skills and talent by creating their own business.

You see, The Wealthy Pinay started as a passion. I have a message to share and I want to teach the 'secret' to others. Over time, as the community grew, I was able to sell online trainings and courses. Even with a small list and audience, those who benefited the most from my free content decided to pay to learn more.

Why am I passionate about encouraging Pinays to start their own business?

Running their own business is not for everyone and I don't want you to quit your job now if you don't feel ready energetically. However, with what's happening right now, we can all agree that having a second or third source of income is very useful. You can still continue being employed while simultaneously building your own empire. 

If you're a stay-at-home mom, I would say you have an advantage in terms of time management. You don't need to worry about the commute or being asked by your boss to stay back. 

I know women can do it. We can multitask well. We're heart-centered yet strong-willed if circumstances arise. We are innately an efficient CEO.

And you know my best prediction ala Madam Auring? Online-based businesses will be the next big thing here in the Philippines. It's a new concept for many Filipinos and the market is not saturated yet like other Western countries. Whatever your business idea is, you can put them on an online platform and be global!

Who will benefit more from Pinay Money Bootcamp?

If you are a freelancer (makeup artist, VA, graphic designer, web designer, consultant, accountant, elementary tutor, etc), have you ever thought of labeling yourself as a business owner? Instead of working for others as an employee, will you consider creating your own brand?

Are you good at whatever you're doing? Maybe you're earning well as an online seller or a virtual assistant. Maybe your social media posts generate hundreds of likes. You might be a business consultant conducting various trainings. Whatever you're good at, have you considered teaching others how you do it? You don't need to be an expert. You just need to know a little bit more than those you're teaching.

My friend, Alex Calleja, is a stand-up comedian and writer in various ABS CBN shows. Alex is not only an employee but he made himself as a brand. He is now conducting trainings on how to incorporate humor into public speaking. Alex has a great sense of humor and using this talent/skill to help others.

It's possible to help others while earning at the same time. Your knowledge and skills can turn into a viable income generator. By sharing your knowledge and skills, not only can you transform others' lives, your business can change your life too, just like how it changed mine. 

Pinay Money Bootcamp is more than an online course, it is a mentoring program. I'll be there every step of the way until you earn your first sale. The program is a combination of practical skills and know-how (branding, community building, online presence, copywriting) and money mindset (intentional manifesting, money blocks clearing, visualization). When you're a beginner, it is more important to have someone who can guide you to avoid wasting time on trial and error. You also need someone who can mentor and push you to be the best version of yourself. Most of the time, we lack this kind of encouragement and guidance from our inner circle no matter how great their intentions are. 

Is this program free?

No, it's not free. For the longest time, one of my major money blocks is my inability to receive. The motto "it's better to give than to receive" has been embedded in my core so deeply that it's hard to shake off. I would always pay when dining out. I would never ask for help. I feel terribly guilty saying no.

If you're like me, the simple mantra "I serve I deserve" will dramatically shift your self-worth. Receiving graces is not a bad thing. Accepting help should always be welcomed. Charging for your service and work not only helps you but also empowers your client. 

I'm still not sure if I'll launch Pinay Money Bootcamp now or wait until this pandemic is over. A part of me says to wait but there's another part thinks that you, yes you, can kickstart your entrepreneurial journey now while everything seemed to slow down. You have more time to focus and think.

Well, in case I'll proceed, I'm planning to price this course at P999 only (from P3,479) until the end of April. This is my way of helping. If you're interested, just drop me an email and I'll send you the sales page with the revised fee - lynjoy(at)thewealthypinay(dot)com 

My loves, wherever you are right now, I'm praying for your safety, peace of mind, and inner strength. Never lose your faith ❤️

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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