Do this and receive abundance within 7 days

I earned multiple 6 digits last month.
While doing the things I love.
While helping others.
While enjoying weekly bonding with the family.
Sleeping 8-9 hours every day (and taking a nap mid-afternoon).


I googled "life is meant to be easy" and there are about 6 billion (with a B) results that say it is NOT. What?!?

No wonder every freaking people I know slaves their way up to reach their goals. We are taught that life is hard. That hard work equates to success. It is deeply ingrained in our beliefs that nothing in life comes easy. 

"Money doesn't come from trees."
"Hindi napupulot ang pera."
"No pain, no gain."
"Life is not fair."
"Mahirap ang buhay."
"You can't have it all!"

What if I tell you that LIFE CAN BE EASY?

You can have an overflow of abundance.
You can achieve your goals with ease.
There is no need to crawl or step up the ladder of success - you can take the freaking elevator, my friend!

Can you imagine a life where all your dreams come true?
Millions in your bank account.
Amazing Health.
Loving family.
Profitable career and business.

And you can achieve all of these with ease and flow. 
Day in and day out, you do your thing and money flows easily.
Day in and day out, you are surrounded by people you care about and love.
Day in and day out, you do things that inspire and energize you.
Life is so delicious and easy.

If you resonate with what I've just said, it only means one thing - your soul wants it. You are ready for it. You are awakened and clamoring for a life of abundance and ease. 

And I want you to honor it.

"Lyn Joy, how can I feel abundant when life is shit?"

True that! How can we feel wealthy and abundant and happy and contented with what's happening around us? When a family member is sick. When the whole country seems to be fighting about who is the best man/woman to lead the country. How can we feel abundant  if we have thousands of debt and living paycheck to paycheck?

I feel you.
I hear you.
I understand you.

But life is always a choice.
And I choose to believe that God wants every one of us to receive and claim His blessings.

Don't get me wrong.
Shit happens to me, too.
I'm not spared from heartaches and disappointments.
That red and pink fights happening on your Facebook timeline? I see them, too.
There is an ebb and flow in my daily income. Some days are highly profitable, some days are not so good.

The difference is...

My mantras every morning, midday, and evening:
I am so blessed.
Money flows to me easily and abundantly.
I'm grateful for my health and young body.
What a beautiful house I'm living in.
I'm surrounded with wealth and abundance.
Life is easy.
I am a money magnet.
It's okay to receive abundance.
I allow myself to receive.
The more I chill, the more money comes in.
The more I help others, the more abundance I receive.
I serve, I deserve.

I give myself permission to take a break and soak in this beautiful life I'm living. I meditate for at least 10 minutes and recite my mantras. I let my soul glows in the light of abundance and gratitude. I soak in the feeling of happiness, excitement, love, and gratitude.

Here is an exercise to receive amazing blessings within 7 days

I encourage you to recite these mantras (or create your own) as often as you can even when shit happens (especially if shit happens). Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for a minute. Start reciting all the things you're thankful for. Say all the things that make you happy and excited. 

And this is an exercise that might not be easy at first. Expect some resistance. We're trying to break the generational and deeply rooted belief that life is hard so be kind to yourself if the mantras don't feel real.

There will be days that you don't feel like meditating. There will be days that reciting these mantras feels like a chore, but I want you to continue for at least 7 days. Just like any new habit, you may need to remind yourself to meditate (set an alarm). 

Remember, this is not an exercise to say things.
You have to FEEL whatever you're saying. 
Let the excitement flows into your body.
Feel the tingling sensation in your hands and toes.
Your heart beats fast because of joy and gratitude. You might even cry because you can't believe how amazing and blessed you are! 

Believe me, you will receive something amazing even before you complete your 7 days of meditation.

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