Be consistent: 5 steps to get things done

What is one thing you need to be successful?Is it luck? Be hardworking? Network with others? Join a mastermind group?Every Thursday, I write a newsletter. It doesn’t matter if I don’t feel like it or I don’t have anything to say, I make sure a newsletter will come out every week no matter what.Consistency. That’s… Continue reading Be consistent: 5 steps to get things done

Trust yourself and your wisdom

When I started dreaming of having my own business and soon quitting my job full-time, that was just that – a dream. I have no idea how or when it will happen. It was just nice to daydream and imagine how I’ll spend my days – wake-up late, working on The Wealthy Pinay, preparing breakfast… Continue reading Trust yourself and your wisdom

Do you know something better than hope?

I was alone for a few hours on the first night of my mother-in-law’s funeral.I was sad.I was really tired.Yet, my mind was listing 100 things I needed to do the next few days – flower arrangements, grocery shopping, talk to the crematorium, force Gibson to rest, write scripts for Pinay Money Bootcamp.Thinking about it… Continue reading Do you know something better than hope?

Building your success mindset

Can you build wealth by just upgrading your mindset?Women who worked with me know that upgrading one’s money mindset is my greatest strength. I have the ability to upgrade my client’s success mindset that they feel so empowered and as a result, achieved their goals.The truth is, success is all about mindset. Of course, there’s this 20%… Continue reading Building your success mindset