Building your success mindset

Can you build wealth by just upgrading your mindset?

Women who worked with me know that upgrading one's money mindset is my greatest strength. I have the ability to upgrade my client's success mindset that they feel so empowered and as a result, achieved their goals.

The truth is, success is all about mindset. Of course, there's this 20% part (skills, knowledge, and talent) that adds up to the equation but the majority of your success lies to your mindset. 

Before I started having money, I always consider myself as a "positive thinker". I don't like drama around me. I hate the office gossips. I work hard and always give my 100% to the company. Yet, money was very tight back then.

It took a lot of hard work to get out of my debt situation and enjoy the money I have today. But it's not that of kind hard work you think it is.

Rather, I'm talking about the hard work I needed to do to get rid of my deep underlying negative beliefs about success, money, and wealth.

These were my money blocks when I started working:

"I'm not good enough to earn more."

"It's so hard to finish my credit card debts."

"If only I'm smarter, prettier, and more eloquent."

When I finally finished my credit card debts and started earning a higher salary, a different set of money blocks pop up:

"It's unfair that I'm earning this much compared to those who are working on their feet for 12 hours."

"It doesn't matter even if I feel abused, I should always give money away."

"I need to work harder to earn more."

And when I started my own business, these negative thoughts linger in my mind constantly:

"There is no way that my business income can replace my monthly salary."

"What if my business fails?"

"I should be contented."

Every time I reach a financial milestone, another set of money blocks will pop-up. They are always there.

The good thing is I'm aware when it happens and know how to deal with it now.

I'm telling this story to let you know that whatever scarcity you're experiencing right now can be fixed. You don't need to work harder or do other stuff thinking *this* is the magic ingredient. Once you deal with your inner money beliefs, believe me, everything will shift. 

I created The Wealthy Pinay to help other women believe that the life they want is within reach. And I'm not saying it just for you to feel good but telling you because it's a fact. It is possible.


Although I'm giving quality content and training away for free, I understand that many of you want to go deeper and ready to work with me.

I recently launched the  with you in mind. It's a money mindset course that will also prepare you to start and grow your online business. 

To say that this course is jam-packed is an understatement. It has everything you need to kick-start your amazing entrepreneurial journey. 

I'll be honest, you don't need to pay to clear your money blocks or learn anything. Everything can be googled nowadays. But sometimes, we can't do it alone.

We need someone who can listen and understand our desires. Someone who had experienced it and knows how to get our desired goal. A mentor who had the tricks, tips, scripts, and blueprint to make our life easier.

This is the best investment you will ever make, believe me.

Hit reply if you need more info about the course. If you're ready, you can join here.


Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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