Be consistent: 5 steps to get things done

What is one thing you need to be successful?

Is it luck? Be hardworking? Network with others? Join a mastermind group?

Every Thursday, I write a newsletter. It doesn’t matter if I don’t feel like it or I don’t have anything to say, I make sure a newsletter will come out every week no matter what.

Consistency. That’s the answer.

Anyone successful in business, in saving money, in family life, in gardening, in playing a piano - has all one thing in common. They’re consistent.

Consistency is all about doing it even though you’re lazy, or down, or sad, or busy. Consistency is not allowing excuses to stop you from reaching your goal. Consistency is about showing up regularly.

Those who are successful in saving money don’t make any excuses on why they can’t save this month. They just save.

People who are successful in business are consistent in working on their business in spite of low sales or having a customer complaint.

Healthy people are consistent in eating healthy and exercising.

 I hear you babe, being consistent is easy when you’re motivated. Once the excitement wears off, it’s so freaking hard to continue. It happens to me, too (all the time!) And our lack of consistency is extremely painful and frustrating. We know that consistency is the key to achieve something great yet somehow we continue to fail.

It seems the only thing we are consistent with is starting something and then stopping before getting any results. I understand if you beat up yourself with this because I do.

But you know what, there’s hope.

Feeling bad about it won’t do any good. We can change the game by first understanding why we fail and take the required steps to make sure we can avoid the usual pitfalls.

Do you know the reason why you’re struggling to be consistent?

You’re focused on the outcome rather than the process.

Obviously, outcome is important, but focusing too much on it results in dissatisfaction. We know that anything great requires patience, some sacrifice, and work. Most of the time, we want our desired outcome to come fast and instant. Can you see the disconnect?


We want to believe that if we post our products on Facebook, everyone will see how amazing our product is and start buying. We assume that just because we're offering something amazing and helpful (probably can even change your customers' lives) that they will come running and throw out their money to you. These are the outcomes we want to have, and if it doesn't happen, money blocks creep in. "It's not for you." "You're meant to do something else." "Who do you think you are?" "Just quit!"


You'll never truly know if you can accomplish something or be great at something if you don't commit.


And how can you practice consistency?

1. Set a goal.

2. Know your 'why'.

3. Build habits.

 Let me tell you though some process that you can do to develop consistency. Something easier to do and remember.

Do it anyway

It doesn't matter if there are no live audience on my webinars, I will talk as if there are hundreds in there. I'll disregard my disappointment and delay my pity party and do my presentation the best I could in that moment.


They said half-assing is bad but you know what? I recommend that you half-assed it with everything you've got. You might think you're a mediocre but it's better than stopping.

Can't save 1000 this month because of whatever emergency, then keep 100 pesos and deposit it to your account. Don't say to yourself, 'I'll just save 2000 next month', because chances are you won't if another emergency arises. Be consistent in saving whatever amount no matter what.


Uninspired? Hit the gym anyway.

Uninspired? Make that sales call anyway.

Uninspired? Post that picture on your business page anyway.

Go back to basics

 Most of the time, we overcomplicate things. We want to go to the advanced stuff because it makes things more exciting and fun. Sure, we can go advance, why not, but have you learned the basics?


Learning about Messenger bots and sales funnel are all fancy and techy but do you know the basics of writing a compelling sales copy?


Do you feel the need to come up with fancy flavors and pretty designs for your cake business? Well, that's good, but make sure that your products taste good in the first place. Basic.


Don't try to learn and do advanced things when you're feeling crap. Do and learn about them when your creative juices are overflowing and your energy is 101%. On days that you don't feel like it, go back to basics.

Anticipate the dip

 Seth Godin, one of the most prolific writers on the planet, says that anything worth pursuing will have a messy middle. The dip is what separates the quitters from those who will experience amazing success.


Quitting is not a bad thing in itself. In life, we should know when to quit and move on.


By anticipating the dip though, you are aware that this is just a phase and will definitely pass or decide if you want to stop and focus on something worthwhile of your time and energy.


I can't remember the number of times when I thought I should just abandon The Wealthy Pinay and do something else. I'm an excellent employee, I can focus on my other businesses, or just be a dedicated full-time SAHM. Anything except TWP because apparently, this passion I'm pursuing SUCKS!!!


I anticipated this dip though. I know that it's just a phase because of my disappointment or overwhelming emotions. Once it wears off, deep in my heart, I can't stop TWP because this is me. This is my advocacy and my passion. This is what I want to do and I'm hell bent to make this work.

Find a mentor

 Or an accountability partner, or a coach, or a mastermind group. Find like-minded people you can talk to and vent your frustrations. At the same time, people who can kick your ass when you're lagging behind because they understand that it's just a phase and you're meant to continue.


You don't need to tell everyone of your goals. Just 1-2 people who you know can help you be accountable of your goals and dreams. I can be that mentor if you'll allow me.

Forgive yourself

 As I said earlier, being inconsistent causes shame and guilt. We disappoint and beat ourselves up for being lazy, for giving up, for getting distracted, for lack of discipline, and so on. Honestly, we can't avoid being lazy, giving up, getting distracted, and undisciplined. Understand that they're part of life.

Don't let a day of disappointment ruin your entire week. Don't let a month of bad sales ruin your next month. It doesn't make sense to punish yourself by being more demotivated.


Forgive yourself and move on whenever you experience a set back. Understand that disappointment is simply part of the game.

No one achieved great things by quitting. Most of the time, success happens to those who do actions consistently even though they're just half-assing it. You can do this!

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