How to stop being lazy

My boss told me yesterday that a woman’s brain consists of wires and a man’s brain is composed of several tiny boxes. Out of all the tiny little boxes the man has, the most special is a box which has ‘nothing’. And the man loves to use his ‘nothing’ box whenever there is an opportunity.… Continue reading How to stop being lazy

5 Tips To Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Powerful Goals

Another year, another chance, another opportunity. Most of us welcome this year with full of hope and positivity. Because why not, right? It’s like we are given the chance to start anew and it feels like we are starting from scratch. All the frustrations and pain that the previous year brought us can be forgotten.… Continue reading 5 Tips To Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Powerful Goals

Focus On Prosperity

Most people have a goal of getting out of debt and they laser focused on it. And you know what happens? They stuck on that debt cycle forever. WHAT?!?! “I want to get out of debt, Lyn Joy. GET OUT OF DEBT! I am trying to save to get out of debt.  I am finding… Continue reading Focus On Prosperity

What’s your dream?

If I ask you that question, would you have an answer? Will you say that you want to be rich? You want to quit your job? You want to go back home? You want to have a child? Want to have a good partner? Want to be healthy? Want to be happy? Among all your… Continue reading What’s your dream?

The Bootcamp is Finally Open!

This is it! I am formally opening the registration for The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp.   For those who needs a clarification what is a bootcamp, specifically The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp, this is an online money mindset course where I will teach you the most effective way to attract the business, the income, the opportunities that… Continue reading The Bootcamp is Finally Open!