Want to quit but can’t? This post is for you

Yesterday I had a chat with a colleague who is contemplating of leaving her job. She is torn of staying and just wait to be terminated (so she can get higher compensation) or just resign.

I thought, what a choice! And the first thing I told her is why she’s staying in a job she doesn’t like? If she can’t bear to see the faces of people around her, why bear? If you are unhappy then why stay?

I know the decision for some to just quit is difficult. They are so many things to consider. So many consequence to think about.
And I get it. Because quitting is not easy.
Maybe it be your job, relationships or a habit.
It’s requires more than will power.

But think of it this way, you already lived half of your life. You might have only another 20-30 years more to live. Who knows right?

So do you want to just continue living miserably? “Of course not! I will resign in my company soon and start my own business.” is your reply back.

When are you resigning? “My plan is to start my own travel agency. I heard it won’t take much capital and return is good.”

So when are you planning to do that? “I just need to learn this and that and then I’m good to go!”

And when will you start learning for this and that? “As soon as I have time”

Can you see what’s happening here?

Having a dream is good. I will encourage you to do that.

But you have to do freaking action!

There is no other way!

I realized I can never be a business employee coach giving training about team building, efficiency or being productive in their jobs. I’m so passionate for everyone finding their life purpose that I might end up telling them to quit their work and just go for it. The HR might get a heart attack.

Now, I want you to be realistic here. If quitting means your kids not having food on their table then you have to use your common sense.
You can’t be YOLO-ing and travel to Timbuktu expecting your kids to pay for their tuition fees.
If it’s difficult to quit now because of financial reasons then it’s fine.
But you will quit soon.

And how can you do that?
What can you do now to move an inch to your goal? What skills can you develop?
Who do you need to talk to?

In our Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp, there is a module dedicated to goal setting. Step-by-step guide on how you can structure your dream into goal into your reality. Because dreaming is not enough, setting goals is not enough, all actions with no proper mindset is not enough.

We also have a module for Manifesting because that thing works! But again, there is more to it than being a positive thinker.

Quitting when things get difficult is not what I mean.

Because in life, you will be tested. Several times. And of course you have option. Give up or hold on.
Things that keep you down and depressed, let them go.
Dreams and opportunities that excites and give you hope, no matter how uncomfortable, just hold on.

My dear fellow Wealthy Pinays, I sincerely wish that you have the courage to do what you need to do.
You know what needs to be done. You can figure out the actions you need to take.
You’re just holding on to your comfort zone that’s why you can’t let go.


Next year, we are relocating back to Philippines. My husband and I will quit our job and just go for our dreams.
Just a few years ago, I can’t see myself leaving our host country. There is no way I will leave my secured job giving up the luxuries I only imagined before. The life I have as an employee is not bad at all.

But this is not the life I want to live for the rest of my life.

This 2018, after doing lots of reflection, I suddenly have this realization that I’m ready. Not really financially ready but emotionally and mentally – my fear of starting a new life in the Philippines is possible. Our life back home will be AMAZING.
And again, this is more than positive thinking. I can really feel it.

This is the same feeling I have whenever I change job, or when I setup my nail salon business.
This is the same feeling whenever we travel to other countries or buy expensive stuff to our parents.

The feeling that I deserve. That I am entitled for all that I have.
There is no doubt or insecurities. I know this is mine.


Join fellow Wealthy Pinays on our Bootcamp and you will get more than inspiration – you will live your ideal life!

The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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