What if your partner doesn’t see your vision?

You can see it very clear. The steps you need to take. The sacrifice you are willing to endure.
Everything you need to do to succeed.
You may have the goal of saving x amount of money.
Or planning a family trip to Disney.
Maybe it’s resigning from work and setting up your own business.

You have this great plan and you know you can make it happen.
You are all psyched, excited and ready to face all uncertainties.
You are so ready.

But your partner (or someone that matters to you) said it’s not yet time. He is doubtful it’s possible.
He said it’s difficult and you should just stick with what you know. He mentioned all the valid reasons why you should stop believing and you hate him. And you hate yourself because you are starting to believe that he is correct.

Or sometimes, he would say he is on board but his actions say otherwise.
He doesn’t listen when you start talking about ‘the vision’. He doesn’t do any actions towards ‘the vision’. He doesn’t stop you but doesn’t contribute either. What a useless prick, right?

There are 2 things I want to say to you now.

    1. Have you clearly communicated your vision?

Oftentimes, we just tell people around us that we will do something but never really bother explaining further. That is fine because you don’t need to. But you have to share your vision to the people that truly matters to you like your husband, wife, children, etc. Explain to them how the vision looks like. What are its benefits? What does the new life looks like? Can you smell the Paris air when you are envisioning your family trip to the city of love? Then let them also smell the air.


By telling them constantly of what you want. Let them get excited with the idea. You might not get reaction at first but continue. You didn’t get excited at first either when you thought of travelling to Paris because that time it was just a dream. But now you can see yourself having a picnic near Eiffel tower, right?

The time it took you to believe might be the same time it will take for them. You’re blessed that you have been enlightened. I never stopped sharing my beliefs and goals to people hoping that they will be enlightened too. I never take credit for it though because at the end of the day, it’s the person’s decision if he wants to do something with his/her life or not. No persuasion will work to someone if his/her mind is closed.

      2. Why do you care?

At the end of the day, this is your journey. I just had another blog post at filipinaexpat.com talking about my plan to leave UAE by next year. That’s my plan which I communicated to my husband. I didn’t ask for his permission. I just told him. He may decide to go with us or he may opt to work for few more years. It’s his choice and I will support him any way.

As am I decided of what I want to do, why do I need permission from anyone? I have a clear vision of what our family’s future will look like and I have plan on how to do it. The same way that you know what you want so why do you care?

This is your journey. People may join you or not but being the captain of your own ship, at the end of the day, it’s how you stir your life.

Don’t tell my husband but the way I let him join my journey is just by doing what I want. He can see the passion and dedication I’m giving to make my goals materialized. I constantly talk to him even if he doesn’t listen. I will subtly ask him to ‘proof-read’ my posts so he can read it because I know otherwise there is no way he would. Little by little, I saw improvement. So I know my tactic is working.

Overtime, my idea became his idea. And I let him take all the credit. His win is my win.

It’s easy to be discouraged and it’s easy to blame everyone why you can’t achieve your goals.

But I’ll be frank, the reason why you’re failing is because you can’t commit to your goal.

Harsh but true. Because if you truly deeply want it, you will make it happen. There’s no other way.

Working on your dream will require a big change in your mindset and while doing so you’ll change the mindset of people near you. You will affect them positively if you just continue thriving. Protect your mind and vision from doubters. Remember you own your vision. Don’t let anyone ruin it. You are not being ruthless and definitely not heartless

Because once you realized your vision, the people you care about, the people that matters the most will be with you while you are enjoying the fruits of your labor. And that’s the best achievement right?


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Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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