How to stop being lazy

My boss told me yesterday that a woman’s brain consists of wires and a man’s brain is composed of several tiny boxes.
Out of all the tiny little boxes the man has, the most special is a box which has ‘nothing’. And the man loves to use his ‘nothing’ box whenever there is an opportunity.

Although I am very much a woman, the way I react (or not react) to most things is like a man. And just like men, I know I have a ‘nothing’ box and I can stay in this box for days and be happy. But I also know that it’s not productive.

Nobody wants to be lazy, that’s a fact. We genuinely want to changed our behavior.
We are always thinking of ways to psyched ourselves to be more productive.

I was browsing the internet on ways on how I can manage my time well (we all know that Google has the answer to EVERYTHING) and I stumbled upon this comment that I find so insightful that I’m re-posting it here.

How to stop being lazy: someone from Reddit replied

QUESTION: How can I stop being so damn lazy?

BEST ANSWER: “Look man, there are literally hundreds of good ways to get on with the tasks on your plate.

I find a combination of good goal setting and use of things like The Pomodoro Technique work wonders for helping me get stuff done and move forward.

But it’s not so much about being productive. It’s about living up to your word.

I’m guessing that you’re a creative, intelligent sort of person. Are you a perfectionist? That seems likely. Oftentimes, people with those characteristics really get bogged down by the magnitude of the tasks in front of them. Doing something means risking failing at it. Sometimes that risk seems to loom so large, and the drive to perfectionism is so strong, that any sort of meaningful and productive task just seems like it’s not worth it. Why risk failing, when you can just do something else instead?

Of course, in the back of your mind you know that those choices are causing you to fail anyway. That’s why you’re miserable.

So you have to re-think things in a different way.

First up, you have to give yourself permission to fail, permission to be less than perfect sometimes.Failing at something, making mistakes, opens up a great opportunity to learn something new.

Second, you have to recognize that laziness and procrastination are destructive to your word. When you take on a task you make a promise to somebody (perhaps just yourself, but somebody) that you will complete that task. Putting that off brings you out of integrity with your word in the matter. That’s not bad, or wrong, it just is what there is in the situation.

But integrity is the thing that makes life work. It is the structure that holds our interactions together. When integrity fails, the structure collapses. Honoring your word is the way to make sure that the integrity of the situation remains intact.

The best way to honor your word is to put it into some sort of reality. Start making and keeping a schedule, and a to-do list, if you don’t already.

Start planning your actions, breaking them into smaller tasks that are more easily achievable. Those things serve as a very real reminder that you’ve made a promise that you need to keep. Your word has to be the thing that keeps you moving forward. Honoring that word has to become your primary motivation.

You also need to enlist others to keep you accountable.
 Get a friend to check up with you, and kick your ass. When you need motivating to take an action, somebody is there to hold you accountable for that action. This piece alone helped me finally finish up a college degree that had been awaiting completion for over 6 years. My friends found out, did all they could to help, and held me accountable to get it done.

But, most importantly, you have to recognize that honoring your word to yourself is absolutely critical. It’s easy to keep promises to others, we don’t like to disappoint. But it’s much harder to keep your word with yourself.

You are every bit as deserving of that respect as anybody else who might be involved.

Change your perspective. It’ll change your life.”

I feel like giving the guy a big hug for nailing it!

My biggest advice to you – STOP USING THE WORD ‘SHOULD’.
“I should start saving now”
“I should travel next year”
“I should start working less”

You keep on motivating yourself and do all kinds of things that seem productive but actually not.

You have done enough planning and thinking, it’s time to ACT NOW.

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