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I’m writing a book

“You are more likely to achieve your goals if you keep them to yourself” You might have heard this quote a hundred times before and do you agree with it? This is my take: If a person is not 100% determined on her goal and plagued by doubt that she’ll achieve them, she’s insecure, or…

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Do I have money blocks?

What are money blocks? In simple definition, these are thoughts and beliefs we have about money that prevents us from reaching our fullest money potential. Some call it prosperity blocks or abundance blocks. Let me give you few examples and see if you can identify, Do you hear yourself saying “I can’t do that” or…

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Be Ambitious or Be Satisfied?

“Relationships are more important than ambition” “Your ambition is crippling your happiness” “Ambitious people are so unhappy” “When ambition ends, happiness begins”   Ahhhh… can you see where this is going? Society has been telling us that to be truly happy, you have to be contented. So when we start working hard for a project,…

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Train Your Brain For Abundance

I went for business lunch the other day and the food in the hotel was fantastic. It started with an amazing entree followed by grilled protein – sea bream, lamb chops, wagyu beef, chicken and then we finish it off with an amazing desert. It was complimentary lunch although, as a habit, I did a…

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Going back home and my exit strategy

  This post has been originally shared on my Filipina Expat blog. I am re-posting here. ******** We will go back home! As in Philippines home. As in for good. I’m planning now for a 12-month exit strategy. That’s how serious I am. Although I have one very big concern. Not about our finances. It’s…

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Want to quit but can’t? This post is for you

Yesterday I had a chat with a colleague who is contemplating of leaving her job. She is torn of staying and just wait to be terminated (so she can get higher compensation) or just resign. I thought, what a choice! And the first thing I told her is why she’s staying in a job she…

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