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I’m not very good at promoting myself. I feel icky and uncomfortable. I think it’s normal for women entrepreneurs. Men will sell you a pen quite straightforward and no qualms, “I’m selling a pen, here’s the pen.” But a woman selling the same pen goes like this, “I’m selling a pen. I think it’s a nice pen. You can buy it if you want. I’ll give you a discount. If you don’t like it you can return it. Wait, I’ll give it to you na lang, birthday mo next month diba?”

So yes, I’m practicing my own advice and taking more courage to promote myself and be visible. And I’ll be more outspoken about my strengths and achievements. No bragging but just stating the fact. How can I mentor someone to be confident if I’m not confident myself, right? Have you read my last week post – 38 Lessons From Being a Self-Made Millionaire? If not, go and read it.

One of my strengths is the ability to improve the money mindset of women I mentor. They don’t come saying “I need help!” but more of “Lyn Joy, I’m thinking of doing this business, what do you think?” “Lyn Joy, I’m not sure if I should proceed, what do you think?”

Note that I m not giving them financial or business advice. I can only share my experiences as a business owner (both success and failures). What I do is asking the right questions and our constant discussions include lots of mindset mentoring. It’s making them believe that their goal is possible. And when they start with their plans and experience resistance, that’s when our coaching becomes more important. It’s very easy to give-up or procrastinate when things don’t go as planned. And most people just give up easily, faster than you think.

My empathy, logical thinking, and listening skills are all good things to have during our sessions. Most women I mentored have either started their own business venture or have grown their business further. Again, I don’t take credit for it because the decision to change all boils down to the person, but it really helps to have someone who can see your vision and believe it as well.

And one of my goals these coming months is to donate ‘time’. Time is important because it’s limited. Time can be equated to money (and love and health) – it’s precious, that’s why I always value it. But if you read my last week’s post, I also mentioned that I want to donate my time more. One thing I want to accomplish while I’m still in UAE is to talk to fellow Pinay OFWs and help them visualize what they truly want, be clear with it, create a plan and the most important part – execute it. Reading my blogs or watching the videos are all helpful but I know that having face to face interaction is way more helpful.

With that, I will be more than privileged for us to meet/chat for a mindset mentoring session. No cost involved. No strings attached. Just a way of sharing my time.

I know that coaching/mentoring is quite a new concept for Filipinos, and mindset coaching is definitely alien to most Pinoys. It took me some time to figure out what should I call myself. I don’t want to be labeled as a life coach nor a business coach. Wealth coach seems to be so pretentious. Until last week when I realized that what I’m doing is all about improving someone’s mindset. My focus is on creating a life that you absolutely love and is dedicated to ambitious female entrepreneurs who dream of growing bigger. I, therefore, self-proclaims myself as a mindset mentor. And I’ll be very privileged to talk and listen to your business and life plans.

Just like the previous meet-ups I’ve done, this will be a small group. It could be 1:1 or a maximum of 4 of us. It’s definitely over a cup of coffee (and a slice of cake!). I usually budget 2 hours for this kind of session but in reality, discussions like this can last almost 4 hours. It’s nice to talk to people who have the same mindset that we don’t notice the time. The meet-up will definitely be a weekend (Friday or Saturday) and will be in Dubai. If you are outside UAE then we can schedule a phone/video call.

I understand that you might feel shy or uncomfortable talking to someone you don’t know but I think that’s the beauty of it. I don’t know you. I don’t have any impression of you and I can be as logical as I can be.

And if so happens that we know each other, it gives me more opportunity to tailormade our discussion based on how familiar we are with each other.

I think it’s worthwhile to share (for your peace of mind) that I never share our discussions with people. Confidentiality and trust are very important to me. I just want to put it out there in case it ain’t clear. However, if you agree to be my case study and share our results with others for inspiration, I’ll be glad.

And I think, more importantly, after our initial talk, I want us to keep in touch (by phone, by mail, by chat) for 1 month just to keep the momentum going. One step is not a journey. It is the consistent decisions and actions we take that will improve our lives.

I’m only allocating a few hours a month for this and I cannot guarantee that we can have a chat soon because my free time is very limited and my schedule is not very flexible (being a working mom is a major factor!). And to be really frank, I can only accommodate probably around 10 women. You can let me know your preferred date and we’ll work on it. Please feel free to send me a mail – lynjoy (at) thewealthypinay (dot) com or PM me on my Facebook page 

Remember, you deserve to live the life you have imagined.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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