Wag ka magtipid!

Nagtitipid para sa school fees.
Nagtitipid para pambayad ng renta.
Nagtitipid para may pambili ng ticket sa Pilipinas.
Nagtitipid para umabot ang budget hanggang payday.

Can you relate? Do you also scrimp to save? Will you accept my advice na huwag magtipid?

Ahh, I can now hear the violent uproar of the majority!!! Their money blocks are now in a full-blown rage because of the blog title. Were you triggered? Do you want to write a comment or send me a PM that I’m absolutely freakin’ wrong?

Ok, let me clarify my statement. I want you to save. In fact, I want you to know that how much you save is more important than how much you earn.

Pero huwag kang magtipid.

“Bullshit Lyn Joy, paano ako makakapag save kung hindi ako magtitipid. Sino ako, si Kris Aquino?” 😂

Ohhh… I can sense the tension now and I’m excited. You know why? Because that means I have your attention. And this attention might lead you to read the full post (I hope so) and see where I’m coming from. Scrimping (pagtitipid) is so ingrained in our subconscious to live a wealthy life. We have heard it so many times even from those so-called wealth coaches.

“Hindi na bale na luma ang damit pero madami naman pera”
“Ubos ubos biyaya, bukas nakatunganga”
“Do the 52-week savings challenge”
“Save money and money will save you”

I’m not challenging these pieces of advice. These might all work for some of you.

But can I tell you one alternative belief? If you find yourself wanting to experience or buy something (start a business, travel, buy a new car, house or go to Disneyland), instead of asking, “How can I scrimp?” can you instead ask yourself, “What can I do to achieve it?”

You know, scrimping is easy. Huwag ka lang lumabas then walang gastos. Just deprive yourself of most ‘luxuries’ then you can save money. Even if you want salmon for lunch, you can opt for sardines because you’re saving.

It’s totally different when you find it exciting to save. Mas bet mo mag ukay ukay because of the challenge finding good vintage pieces for a fraction of their cost or you feel healthier eating vegetables. You might be scrimping because of your values and what you believe in.
That’s cool. Go ahead. To each his own.
But once scrimping became the only way because of necessity and there’s no other choice (kahit ayaw mo) then this is what I’m talking about…

Our default action when we want to save is scrimp. Because scrimping is way easier than being courageous enough to step out of our comfort zone.

  • Have you thought of finding a new job/company offering a higher salary? “Ay, mahirap maghanap ng trabaho ngayon.”
  • Have you considered doing side business using your skills? “Wala akong time.”
  • Is there a chance that you can sell something? “Wala akong puhunan

This is my challenge to you:

  1. Think of 1 thing that you want to have by the end of this month. Or maybe something that you want your loved ones to experience. (Kidzania visit, new laptop, trip to Baguio, dinner in Buffet 101, etc)
  2. Will you be happy if you can achieve this? WIll it bring a smile to your loved one’s faces? If yes, go to step 3. If not, think of another goal that will answer the 2nd question.
  3. Imagine the joy that the experience will give you and the people around you. The happy faces, the excitement, the contentment, and feeling proud that you finally have experienced it.
  4. Now, this is the exciting part and will determine how strong-willed you are – what will you do to achieve your goal? You can be as imaginative as you want but one thing is not allowed, don’t take the money out from your monthly budget or savings. You have to think of ways to generate extra income (tips: sell your unwanted stuff, bake cookies and sell to officemates, take some online VA tasks).

As I said, the challenge is not to default back to your initial reaction to scrimp. Instead, the question to ask yourself all the time is, “How can I afford it?”

One of The Wealthy Pinay’s goal is to challenge your old money beliefs that don’t serve you. I want you to open your mind to all possibilities and give an alternate way of thinking. As an intelligent human being, you can decide to throw the idea out of the window, or understand where it’s coming from and see if it fits your values.

In 2015, you can say that I’m awakened. I challenged my own way of thinking. I pushed myself to do things that I never thought I’m capable of. Being an introvert, I forced myself to be more outspoken and open up. To say that I pushed my limit is an understatement. I pushed, stretched, expand, extend, bend, unbend.

If I’m faced with a challenge, instead of giving up or retreating back, I ask myself, “What can I do to make things happen?”

And this simple question will always force me to think out of the box. Most of the time I don’t want to step out of my comfort zone. Why would I? Inside my comfort zone, I feel safe, warm, feel good, no threat or worry. I can stay here forever and be fine.

But whether we like or not, our surrounding changes. People we deal with change. We changed.
Are we equipped to deal with these changes? Should we just react and be on defensive mode when things go unplanned?
Or should we prepare for it now while we are young and abled?

We always have a choice. And I hope your life choices will lead you the life you have imagined for yourself. You deserve that life. Yes, you definitely do.

Take care my dear friends, enjoy your weekend and have a nice day! ❤️

P.S. Do you agree with me? Can you add anything from this topic? Share your thoughts and voice it out.


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