Our house construction is in full swing!

In 2015, it’s like my stars were finally aligned and amazing things started to happen.

It was the year that we bought a lot in Paranaque. It was the year that I started blogging. We had our first European trip. And it was also the year I tried dipping my finger into business.

Well, I could thank the stars but I know for a fact that everything is all because of God’s grace. But wait, was God not with me prior to that? Was he not showering me with blessings prior to 2015? Of course not! I know that He’s there all the time.

But what changed in 2015? Did I become smarter? Luckier? Won the lottery?

Let me share you the big secret. Well, actually, it ain’t a secret because I’ve been telling everyone about this since the beginning. There was only one thing that changed and that is my MINDSET.

Late 2014, I was really depressed and the slightest issue will cause me to burst into tears. I wanted some change but I felt trapped. It was also that time in my life I became aware of the term ‘FINANCIAL FREEDOM’. I would have probably heard it several terms before but it never struck a chord until then.

Then I read a book that says everything we want can be ours if we believe. What a big claim! But I choose to believe it.

From then on, things started to shift. That’s why I’m a firm believer of manifesting. Sounds woo woo but 100% effective.

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I worked on my money blocks. I keep on doing things that were uncomfortable at first (like being more open to conversations, making videos, posting more on social media). I exerted more effort.

Let me tell you the story of our house.

We never thought of buying a property in the Philippines, to be honest. There were many times that we almost bought condominium units but they never materialize. I never envisioned my family staying put in the Philippines. In my mind, my kids would probably study and live overseas and we would follow them. With that reasoning, why bother buying a house, right?

We were not actively searching for a property although one day, we were offered a vacant lot in a gated village in Paranaque. My husband and I thought that it might be wiser to use the cash sitting in our bank account to buy the property instead. It was like a sign to purchase it even though I had no idea if we will ever build a house on it.

You might be aware that we’re going back home next year and as part of our Exit Strategy, it’s now time to start building a home.

The construction began 3 months ago and is now in full swing and full blast!

Dreaming is free

You’ll be surprised that not a lot of people dream big. Even though you won’t lose anything by dreaming, the majority still feel squeamish just thinking of something big. It’s a money block of many.

You can only achieve things that you can imagine. You may not know how or when, but believing that it’s possible is half the battle won.

Create a vision board of your dreams – a house, being a yoga guru, a trip to Disney, your own art studio, being a sponsor of 10 children at World Vision. Creating a Pinterest board of anything you desire is FREE. Window shopping is FREE. You can do all these even when you’re broke.

I dreamt of writing a book. Even though my former boss thought I need to improve my communication skills (a story I shared on Facebook), that didn’t stop me to continuously write. It actually challenged me to improve.

Take action

But as always say, dreaming is just a dream. It won’t materialize until you take action.

Do you want a car? Then go to a showroom and check specs and prices of the car of your dreams.
Fancy to buy a house? I suggest you go to your dream location and scout for properties in the area. You can easily go for a site visit and check out your soon-to-be home.

Knowing the value of your dreams make it more tangible and real. Now you know how much it cost to buy your own house and car. You now know the number required to own it. With this in mind, you can plan your next course of action. Can you finance it? Where should you get the money? How can you pay for them?

When I want something and I don’t know how to achieve it, the question I always ask myself is – How can I make it happen?

I want my own website. How can I make it happen?
I want to publish a book. How can I make it happen?
I want a beautiful home. How can I make it happen?
I want to retire early. How can I make it happen?

A simple question but will require you to think and plan. Making a plan is one step further to achieve your goal. Now it’s up to you to take some courageous and inspired actions to make it a reality.

What’s your dream?

Manifesting is real. And it starts with a dream. There is no rule that you can’t have a loving family, a beautiful home, a successful business, and an amazing relationship with God all at the same time. You can have all of them and more.

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As always, live the life you have imagined for yourself.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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