Do you want to be wealthy?

This is not a trick question. And I will not ask you to join my networking team (I’m not a member of any).

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I really wonder if you’re interested to be one. Do you want to be wealthy?

Now, be honest with yourself. What was your initial reaction to the question? Cringe? Defensiveness? Guilt?

But why?

Why is it that answering questions such as, “Do you want to lose weight?”, “Do you want another child?”, “Do you want to adopt a cat?” don’t elicit the same triggers?

  • “Do you want to lose weight?” – girl, be contented na malusog ka. Maraming tao ang may sakit. Ikaw problema mo lang kung paano lumiit ang puson mo.
  • “Do you want another child” – grabe! ang selfish mo naman. Dalawa na anak mo tapos mag-anak ka pa. Isipin mo na lang yung mga hindi magka-anak.
  • “Do you want to adopt a cat?” – hay naku, bakit hindi mo na lang tulungan ang mga bata sa lansangan na mas kelangan ang aruga at pagmamahal kesa sa pusa?

Can you see what’s happening here? Everything in our life is either good or bad on someone else’s view. Actually, we don’t even need to worry about other’s opinion since we, ourselves, make these judgments too. Now, if the comments above don’t make sense, irrational and pointless, I’d like to say the same thing with your initial knee-jerk reaction on the question – DO YOU WANT TO BE WEALTHY?

If you are a long-time reader of TWP, you know that my goal for you is to release all your money blocks, figure out your own definition of success and be able to achieve it. 

I will say it over and over again that unless you overcome your pre-conceived notions about a certain thing, you will never pass over it. You won’t achieve a healthy lifestyle if you think it’s impossible. You will never graduate college if you believe it ain’t possible. Our success is only limited by our mindset.

In our society, voicing out our desire to be wealthy is always frowned upon. Always.
We were trained that asking for more is greedy. Be content that you already have a good family, good health and roof on your head.
How many times have you heard family and friends said that they just want a simple life.
All the time, right?
But have you met someone who actually said they want to be extremely rich?
NEVER. Except maybe from me 🙂

And that leads me to question why having the desire of being wealthy is wrong?

I think from childhood, we were conditioned that is bad to aim for more. We should strive to be a God-fearing, law-abiding, useful citizen of our society and that’s it. We should work hard, earn a living and as long as there’s food on the table, we have a safe home, and we’re healthy then asking for more is a no-no. It’s too much. We should be contented with our blessings. There are people in the world who is far worse than us.

We should never aim for more. But how do you define “more“?

  • Should you be contented that your kid got a grade of 80 in Science when you’re expecting 90? Aren’t you just glad that you can put up your kid in school?
  • Should you be contented paying a rent of Php 5000 for your apartment and not wish to have your own home? Just think about homeless families under the bridge whose pressing issue is food to fill their stomachs.
  • Should you contented of your salary and not plan on taking another job or working abroad? Besides, there are hundreds of thousands jobless Filipinos who will kill for your job. Don’t you think you have enough?

You can see that our definition of ‘reasonable’ might be already defined as ‘more’ by others. Your ‘simple’ dream is already considered as greediness to others. That is because we have different definitions of contentment.

We should always be God-fearing servants, law-abiding citizens and strive to be better human beings in this world. We should be thankful for all our blessings – our work, seeing the sun every morning, our family’s good health, not getting stuck in traffic, that heartbreak that lead you to your ‘forever’ – just be grateful for everything!
But it should not end there. I believe that God created us, gave us talents and brains to make use of it.

Having more money won’t change who you are. It can change your personality but it won’t radically change your core.

Rich people who are greedy with money is already greedy even when they were still poor.
Wealthy people who treat others badly are already mean even before they strike gold.
If someone is cruel then they will be cruel – with or without money.

At the same time, if you are already sharing your money to others even when you only had enough to survive, then having more moolah might actually make you more generous not only to your family but to others as well. And you don’t need to act differently just because you have more cash. You can be wealthy and just be you.

You can be rich and hippy.
Rich and happy.
Rich and single.
Rich and love cats.
Rich and still enjoy midnight sales.
Rich and generous.
Rich and lazy.
Rich and chill.
Rich and religious.

When I came to Dubai in 2005, I have no money. Gibson and I shared one Al Marai chocolate custard to celebrate our first monthsary.
After 13 years of being an OFW, I can say that my husband and I are fortunate and disciplined enough that we’re able to invest and save. And having that extra money didn’t change our values and beliefs. Yes, we could have been spending more, but what we believe in and what we stand for are still the same stuff we believe in and stand for thirteen years ago.

I still shop on the same clothes store and still wary of going inside luxury stores even for window shopping.
I still find Waitrose and Spinneys expensive.
I still love to buy isaw and betamax from the street vendor wearing the pajamas I’m sporting the whole day (sometimes butas pa).

So you see, having extra cash didn’t change me. After college graduation, I always wonder how it feels like to drive my own car and when I finally had one, I was giddy at first but I don’t think about it now. Everyone is driving a car anyways.
Money just became a tool to do things that I always wanted to do. It inspires me to work smarter and spend it without guilt.
I am able to share it not only with family but to others as well. I know that it’s your intention too.

Now, achieving financial freedom requires two things. And there’s no getting away with it.

First is Mindset.
Second is Action.
One without the other won’t work. You can try but you’ll end up frustrated because it’s impossible to go further.

Mindset is everything I mentioned above and more. It talks about your faith, gratitude, goal-setting, beliefs. It is important and this is what I keep on reminding you about.

Taking action is equally important. Hindi puro faith. Hindi puro goal-setting. You have to take lots of action. Hard work. Perseverance. You have to study and learn.

Combine these two and you’re on the right track. TWP reminds you often to dream and take action.

Can you imagine a world filled with intelligent, compassionate, hardworking, down-to-earth, funny, witty, fab, wealthy women? We can literally rule the world!

So now, the question is, do you want to be wealthy? If you need someone to talk to about your goals, send me a message and let’s chat –> Read more here.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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