When you don’t know your next move

Do you feel stuck?

In an ideal world, we know all the answers. We’re clear of what we want and need to do then do it. But we’re not living in an ideal world.

Many times we don’t know where we’re going. We don’t know our next move. Our plans never materialized so we stopped planning. Sometimes we don’t have plan B.

Risk forward

It’s a philosophy of life meaning moving forward even if it feels risky. If taking risks seems scary then just think of it as taking chances. All of us have this wisp of an idea, something interesting and excites us, but then we look around and no one else is doing that. We’re not sure what’s the next step. “Do I have what it takes?” ”I’m not sure if this will make money.” “What if I’ll regret it?”

The idea to retire started in 2017. It was a scary dream but it excites me. I didn’t know that time how or when it will happen but in my journal I wrote the year 2020.

In 2019, the desire became so strong and I wasn’t scared anymore. I took the chance.

Am I regretting it? I’ll be honest with you. Having a steady and fixed income is a blessing no one should take for granted. Looking back, there are moments that I wished I saved more or invested more. All of us have regrets.

But I don’t regret taking the chance to move back to the Philippines.
Spending 24 hours with my kids every freaking day makes me crazy but I’ll treasure these moments forever. We talk more, play more, argue more, learn about each other more every freaking day.

The best part of going home? My husband was able to spent one year with his mom before she suddenly passed away last year. Just thinking about it, I know that all the chance we took is worth it.

How about the money part? Whether we admit or not, we need money and lack of money makes us regret many things, right?

MONEY IS EVERYWHERE. This is true and I believe it. There are many ways to make money. We just need to decide which one is worth our time and energy and take a chance. Nowadays, I earn through TWP, doing online jobs, and selling bespoke jewelries. My income is not yet the same as I was earning in Dubai but that’s fine because I don’t need to anyways. Personally, my target income is P200k monthly and I can live like a madam if I earn this much in the Philippines. I’m not earning this amount yet but that’s my goal.

Inner Courage

When we’re stuck, it feels like being in a fog. We can’t see anything, it’s scary to move and we don’t know what’s on the outside. What if it’s a cliff? Or you hit a car? One wrong step and you’re down in a manhole. Scary!!

But when you’re in fog, it’s stupid to run fast to get out of it. At the same time, staying put wishing and hoping that the fog will dissipate is not advisable, too. The best thing to do is get out of it slowly, one step at a time.

Inner courage. Move forward even though you don’t know where you’re heading. Go to the unknown. Some people like to take several giant leaps, good for them. But there’s nothing wrong in taking baby steps as long as you’re moving forward.

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