Can you be rich and introverted?

I’m a self-confessed lazy introvert.

Lazy in the sense that I don’t like household chores and I can probably read a book the whole day and not have a headache after. I can finish one season of any series on Netflix with just a few pee breaks in between.

I love me-time. I love solitude. I love being alone.

But even though I’m lazy and introvert, I still make LOTS of money.

Because honestly, being rich doesn’t require you to have a specific kind of personality or skill. You can be smart, stupid, hustle-master, lazy, good, bad, asshole or kind - whatever!

To earn LOTS of money, you just have to uncover your money beliefs about why you can’t. Truth be told, these money stories are what define our decisions and actions. Either we believe we can or can not. It’s that simple.

I know many people wants to start a business but they’re shit scared. Some are brave enough and actually started already but realized it wasn’t that easy (true). “Can I really have the business that I love even though I am introvert and anxious?”


I’ve shared this #GeniusTip with the TWP bootcampers and I’m sharing them with you. One of the things I used to do to manage my anxiousness and shyness is by posting on a Facebook group that has only me as the member.

Name the FB group whatever you like, it’s just for you. Use this group to practice the tasks you find really hard and scary.

Post a selfie.
Do a live video.
Write your thoughts.
Post a sales copy.
Play with group settings.

Do everything and anything you want in your group.

I was so awkward when I first started doing videos in 2017. I’ll spent 3 hours or more just to shoot the video (no kidding). That didn’t include the time of editing it.

Not that I don’t know what to say but my thoughts are all jumbled up in my head and my mouth can’t catch up. Whenever I realized I was getting out of topic, I would restart the video over and over again. Exhausting!

Writing a blog post wasn’t easy either. I was very conscious of what other people may feel or think of me once they read the blog. I was censoring myself too much that it didn’t feel authentic anymore.

Then one fine day, I created a private Facebook group. The member was only me. I’ll do live video on that group. I’ll connect some apps and fiddle with the settings. I practice speaking on various topics. I don’t put make-up on or worry of what I’m wearing because, well, I’m the only member.

If you want to level it up, after a few weeks of practicing, I suggest add one confidante to join the group. She should be someone you trust and explain what it’s for. Then keep on doing things you used to do, knowing that your chosen person is going to see them. For sure you’ll puke.

After a few more weeks, start to do one of the things you’ve been practicing on your actual Facebook account. Now, the thought alone might make you hyperventilate but for sure you know that once you sent it out, it will be okay.

You’ve practiced for weeks (if not months). It’s like re-posting what you’ve already done dozens of time.

Practice always make things easier. By practicing, what scares us before become less scary overtime.

And I’m telling you this because I know as an introvert, you think there’s no way you can put yourself out there without puking and making a fool of yourself. I have these two blog posts written a while ago, I hope they give you some inspiration and courage:

Marketing for Introverts
Business Tips for Introverts

Whatever personality you have, again, the main thing you need to work on are your money beliefs.
Do you think you have to be online all the time?
Do you believe that being wealthy is hard to achieve?
Do you think you need to be someone else to attract customers?

How would you know your money blocks? A simple exercise is to finish this sentence:

”I can’t be wealthy because __________.”

See what comes up.

What should you do then if you uncover your money blocks? Well, there are many ways to release them.

- You can read hundreds of TWP blog posts (see the menu on the upper part portion of this site)  that hopefully can help you clear your blocks.
- Buy my e-book, The Wealthy Pinay: A Guide for Exceptional Pinays to Create Their First Class Life. Available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Google Books and other major online bookstores.
- Join Pinay Money Bootcamp. The only money mindset course designed for all entrepreneurial Pinays.

and lastly, talk to me… Hit the reply button and let me know what comes up when you finished the sentence, ”I can’t be wealthy because __________.”

Awareness is the first key to sort out any issue.

P.S. This is perfect for all you introverts out there!

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