Are you crazy, too?

Let me tell you the story my book. It started with an idea... "What if I write a book?"

The thought was screaming C-R-A-Z-Y for me because
1) I don’t know anyone personally who wrote a book
2) Who am I to write one?

I mean, writing for a blog doesn’t mean I’m a writer, right? (That’s wrong. If you can write your ideas, then you’re a writer. Simple.)

But one thing about myself is that I’m crazy and impulsive. Not the type that will run amok holding a machete while drooling but one that has a screw-me-I-will-do-it attitude. Impossible is not really in my vocabulary.

So armed with a desire to put everything I know about the law of attraction and abundance mindset, I started to write. In less than a month, everything was done. After a few months, I had the books printed and launched, and sold-out.

If being crazy means going after what you want even though you’re not sure how it will turn out, then maybe it’s not bad after all and I suggest you go crazy, too (stupid is different from crazy, just fyi ok?)

Was it hard publishing a book? Honestly, it’s not. And I’m saying this knowing what I know now. If you asked me the same question few years ago, I will probably say it is super duper difficult and it’s like asking if it’s possible to give birth to a unicorn. 

Converting the book in a digital form took me longer though. I planned to launch the digital version last year but it didn’t materialize. It seems so cumbersome and complicated whenever I try to find ways on how to publish it. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to look into it again. Surprise, surprise! In just a few clicks, the digital copy of my book came to life. This proves again of the “believe” part of the law of attraction.

I know for many, the waiting, believing, and trusting parts are the most difficult part of manifesting. We are dreamers and action-takers. And when things don’t go as planned, we get angry, frustrated, and drop what we originally wanted to do thinking that it’s not meant for us.

When I encountered many resistance, issues, and procrastination publishing my ebook last year, I was very frustrated with myself to be honest. I was blaming myself for being lazy and disorganized.

It took me many journal pages before finally coming to the conclusion that I needed to trust the process. I was experiencing all these issues because it was not yet time. Trusting, Believing, and Waiting was difficult but I knew I needed to have faith.

As it turns out, just when I stopped obsessing about the ebook, the process of creating one seems to jump out of me. It was so smooth and easy that I’m quite surprised I didn’t figure it out sooner. Ahh! I know why it was easy… IT WAS FINALLY TIME.

I know it’s freaking annoying to wait specially if you don’t know until when you needed to wait. Besides, what do we do while waiting and how to know if we should change gear? If there’s one lesson my ebook story taught me is that when it’s time, everything will fall into place - like magic.

TRUST THE PROCESS. And while waiting, do other things that excite you. Don’t lose your vision. Learn more, do more, pamper yourself. Continue journaling and praying. DREAM. BELIEVE. TAKE INSPIRED ACTIONS.

You can also read my book while waiting (unashamed plugging)

If you want to know more what it's all about, read it HERE. And you can buy the ebook from any of these stores!

This is an amazing time to work on your abundant mindset and learn a thing or two about manifesting and the law of attraction. The Wealthy Pinay: A Guide for Exceptional Pinays to Create Their First Class Life is your all-in-one reference guide to start living the life you've imagined for yourself. I have so many things to say and this book gives me the opportunity to share these ideas with you. As many have said, reading the book was like talking to a friend and I love it. That was my intention when I wrote the book. I am a friend whom you're allowed to talk to about your dreams without shame or guilt. With me, you're allowed to be as crazy as you want in chasing after what you want. 

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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