What’s your dream?

If I ask you that question, would you have an answer?

Will you say that you want to be rich?
You want to quit your job?
You want to go back home?
You want to have a child?
Want to have a good partner?
Want to be healthy?
Want to be happy?

Among all your wants, what is your ultimate dream? Do you really know?
Have you really asked that question to yourself and reflect on what that question means?
If you say that you just want to be happy, then what is happiness to you?
This looks like an easy question and you think you know the answer but thinking about it deeply will leave you wonder.

If you ask me, my ultimate dream is freedom.

Freedom of TIME

  • To spend my days and nights doing what I want and love to do
  • To wake up late or sleep early without thinking of going to work
  • To focus on my children and my family
  • To volunteer my time and not only give money to charities that resonates with me
  • To do things only when I want to do it

Freedom of PLACE

  • To live anywhere in the world because I can afford to
  • To have home (or homes) where I feel safe and at peace
  • To be near my parents, my siblings, my loved ones and not be forced to live away from them

Freedom of CHOICE

  • To focus on my hobbies and interests
  • To work only when I want to
  • To travel, to meditate, to do yoga retreats and be away for weeks
  • To build charity that will focus on education and feeding

Freedom of PEOPLE

  • To surround myself only with people that I want to interact with
  • To not deal with negative colleagues day-in and day-out
  • Not to deal with mean bosses and officemates

and the most important of all

Freedom of PURPOSE

To be able to influence as many women as possible
For them to believe in themselves
Not only to HOPE
But realized that great wealth is within their reach
Overcome their fears and doubts
Work on their mindsets

Actions that can lead to live the life they imagined for themselves
Let them realize their potentials
And in return be able to give back to the community and to the world


This 2018, my sincere hope is for you to achieve your dream. And if you need help to figure out what you really want and how to achieve it, The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp is here. It’s an online money mindset course but not surprisingly, women who have done the course have achieved more than the money they want. All of them has significantly improved their personal life (better relationships, got rid of bad people, gained more confidence) just by working on their mindset.

The bootcamp is regularly priced at Php 1,899 but for a limited time, as an early bird offer, I will be giving this for only Php 499.

Please read more here —> BOOTCAMP


Remember, it’s your time!

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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