Focus On Prosperity

Most people have a goal of getting out of debt and they laser focused on it. And you know what happens? They stuck on that debt cycle forever.


“I want to get out of debt, Lyn Joy. GET OUT OF DEBT!
I am trying to save to get out of debt. 
I am finding ways to earn extra money to get out of debt.
I am reading blogs on how I can get out of debt.

So you see, I want to get out of debt and here you are telling me that I will be in debt forever?
What a motivation!”

But before you curse me and closed this window, I just want to tell you one fact. Focusing on debt will attract debt.
Whatever you’re thinking about you attract.
So it doesn’t matter if you want to get out or to get in, what you constantly think about you will attract and in this case – debt.

When you focus on what’s missing, what’s too much, the scarcity, the pain – that’s what you attract.
“I can’t afford that”
“It’s not possible for me”
“I can’t do it”

You will attract negative energy whenever you say all these negative lines.
Have you noticed that whenever a bad thing happened, another negative event just pops up.
When you wake up in the morning and feel depress going to work then the day just continues from bad to worse.
It’s just the law of attraction.

So many times people say to me, “I’d like to double my income in the next year.” But then you look at their actions and they are not doing the things that are going to make that happen. They’ll turn around and they’ll say, “I can’t afford that.” Guess what? “Your wish is my command.” – James Ray

If you think that having money is difficult, that the only way to make money is hard work, if you focus on the lack and what you don’t have then you talk about it with your family, you discuss it with your friends and you tell people around you that it’s difficult – then you’ll never ever be able to afford it, because you attract more of what you don’t have.

So what can you do?

For more than a decade, this is my self-talk:
“It’s difficult to have a business. I’m based here in Dubai.”
“How I wish I know how to invest in stocks. I can’t understand it.”
“I want to have my parent’s home renovated but that will cost more than a million. We can’t afford it.”
“I want to travel but we don’t have a budget for it.”

And thousand other scarcity beliefs.

Until I got tired. I got tired of wishing. I got tired of waiting for the right time.
And there’s really no other way but to change my mindset so I did.

At first it was difficult to tell my mind that “I’m wealthy!”
It feels like a lie.
Even though I’m earning a decent salary, I’m far from wealthy.
But I trained my mind to believe that I’m wealthy and I can afford anything and it’s my choice if I want to buy something or not.

“Money can’t dictate me on what I can or cannot buy but instead I will dictate money on how I will use it.”

Having this change of thought have created great improvement in my life. In just a span of 2 years, I have accumulated  money and opportunities that I have just wished for years to happen to me.

Nowadays when I am working on a specific financial goal, instead of thinking “I can’t afford it”, I replaced my thought with How can I afford it? What can I do to earn the money I need?

And these are really very transformational thoughts.

This 2018, I hope the giant inside you awakens. I wish that your inner #ladyboss comes out and rule!
If you want some transformation this coming year then make it happen.

Some real talk here: you won’t succeed if you’re shit scared of changing.



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Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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