The Bootcamp is Finally Open!

This is it! I am formally opening the registration for The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp.


For those who needs a clarification what is a bootcamp, specifically The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp, this is an online money mindset course where I will teach you the most effective way to attract the business, the income, the opportunities that you really want to live the life you want!


Because it’s not enough to be positive. It’s not enough that you’re hardworker. It’s not enough to just pray everyday and wait for a miracle.


This course is not for everyone. You have to be a different kind of a woman to understand and believe that our mind is powerful enough that it can make tangible things move and happen.


And the fact that you are watching this video is because you are that kind of woman. You’re looking for change. You keep on asking ‘what I can do?’ ‘how can I improve things?’ ‘how can I make our lives better?’

As I imagine now, you are like me. As they said, like attracts like. And I would only attract people who have the same mindset as me. Same drive, same beliefs, same goals.


And that’s why I stopped promoting this course to my personal Facebook page because majority of the people in there won’t get this. And no matter how much I want to help them, I can’t. Some are lazy, some already believed that there’s no hope, some are too proud to admit that they need to change. So I stop hoping that I will resonate with everyone. I won’t.


Joining the Wealthy Pinay bootcamp requires a fee. And you might ask why?

Because I want you to treat this as an investment. Most of the time, if we get it for free, We don’t value it much. We take it for granted.


But if you invest money, then you will invest your time. And that’s what I want my fellow wealthy Pinays to do. Joining this bootcamp means a lot of reading, a lot of reflection, a lot of thinking ‘what do I really want?’


I will push you to think and think really hard on what you want. I will give you all the tools that you will need to clear your blocks, to understand how your brain works, and as a Virgo, the practical steps you can do to achieve your ideal life.


I want you to invest in yourself. All successful people invested on themselves. They are hungry to learn.


If you feel you’re not ready then you can still enjoy the and my regular videos and blog posts will continue to be free. 99% percent of the website’s content is free and it will continue to be. This is my way of giving back to my fellow Pinoys and Pinays.


But I serve, I deserve. I am doing an intensive course that I know is life changing so it’s only fair that I get compensated for it. One belief that I am practicing right now is “I WILL EARN A LOT OF MONEY JUST BY BEING ME” I don’t need to work hard if I don’t want to. I don’t need to go meet toxic people if I don’t want to. I can be honest, I can speak my mind, I can be me and earn a lot of money.


These are the kind of things and more that I will teach you. How you can change your mindset to change your life for the better.


As I mentioned on my first video, In a short span of 2 years, I earned multi-million pesos without doing anything special. I just worked on my mindset, had a strong faith and took inspired actions. I listened to the ‘signs’ given to me. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if it’s embarrassing. Even if it means I’m getting out of my comfort zone.


Can you imagine if I had this mindset at 21 years old, I could be on the same level as Jollibee founder 😃 But it’s never too late. Whether your in your 20’s or 30’s or 40s or 60’s – this money mindset course is applicable for you.


My mom turned is 65 this year, and recently I would tell her the money mindset that she needs to have to achieve her wants. And sometimes I’m surprised whenever she declares new goals. In my mind I’m like “mom, that’s too much. We can’t do that.” But I will keep quiet because that’s her goal and it’s her journey.


Lo and behold, because she has this deep faith that it will happen, all her goals are starting to materialize. Her dreams happen through her children. And that is truly truly amazing. Her change of mindsets affects her world that she is now reaping the benefits of that deep faith and mindset.


Joining the Wealthy Pinay bootcamp gives you access to the Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp Facebook group which is a private group which is totally priceless. Being In a community of like-minded people is something very valuable. And you can’t easily find this kind of community. Most of the time, you have to pay to join a mastermind group but joining the bootcamp means you will have access to this very amazing group of ladies.

The Wealthy Pinay bootcamp’s regular price is Php1899 but only for a few days, I will have an early bird offer of 499 pesos. Yes, you read it right, 499 pesos to join this amazing bootcamp.


Everyone who has done this course were surprised that I’m only charging 499 pesos because the success of the bootcamp with them is extraordinary but I told them it’s ok. I want as many Filipinas as possible to take this opportunity. 499 pesos is way cheaper than a buffet meal. If you’re paying by Paypal then it’s charged in dollars which is just 9.99 USD. I know,that Victoria Secret panty you just bought is more expensive than this course.


But I won’t do this offer again. On Dec 24, the regular price of Php 1,899 will start. And for sure once I re-launched it in a few months it will be more expensive because I serve, I deserve.

It’s your time.

This 2018, let’s all welcome the New Year with a brand new mindset that actually works.We will start our Live Course this January 2, 2018. As a reminder, only for 9 days starting today, I am giving away this course for 499 pesos only and it won’t happen again. Take this opportunity.

I really hope to see you. Remember: You deserve the life you have imagined!



Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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