What’s preventing you from being wealthy?

Even gazillionaires (if there is such a thing) had issues with money. But they were able to overcome those issues for their advantage. They are successful not only because they are hardworking (there are poor people more hardworking than them), They are successful not because they are lucky (lucky are those who didn’t even lift a finger but won the lottery). They are successful not because God favored them (you know that this ain’t fair to God, right?)

So what’s with successful people that most average Janes and Joes don’t have?

Are they smarter? Better? More beautiful? WHAT?!?!?!


The answer: All of them have freakin’ figured out what they want to do with life and just went for it. Sound simple right?

But of course it’s not just that simple. For sure they felt doubt, insecurities, fear, jealousy, and all these negative emotions but you know what I think they did? They never listened to them.

They smashed their money blocks and are now reaping the results of their perseverance. And this is what I am sharing with you today. The 5 Major money blocks that most women have. If you wonder why even though you are doing everything yet the result is still not as you expect it to be then, girl, you have money issues.

Whether you like it or not, whether you admit it or not, you have money blocks that are preventing you to unlock your true abundant life.

Watch more on video below.


If you want to learn more of your money blocks, I am giving away a free ebook on how you can manifest anything (almost!) by releasing all your abundance blocks and actionable steps to do it (because I’m practical as most Virgo šŸ˜Š ) Enter your email address to download it immediately.

Please watch for final video on Friday and be one of the first inspired women to register at The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp! And if you missed Video 1, watch it here

Remember, 2018 is your best year ever. Claim it and let’s make it happen!

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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