Introduction to The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp

This December 15, 2017, the registration for The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp will officially open.

The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp is a life-changer online course that will teach you the correct mindset to live a truly rich life – financially, spiritually, emotionally. Because I know, and you might probably also realized by now that being positive is not enough, being a hard-worker is not enough, being religious is not enough.

If you want major change in your life, if you need a sensible friend and if your desire to be truly in control of your life is now greater than your fears – then The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp is here to kickstart your journey. An online course that will teach you the correct mindset to manifest the life you truly want.

And this is not just theory. This is a tried-and-tested formula practiced by thousands of successful men and women and will now be shared with you in a no non-sense, practical and relatable steps. That’s what you can expect from a Virgo 🙂

The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp is what you need to kickstart your ‘real’ financial journey this 2018. I am not a financial expert and don’t expect that I’ll give lecture about stocks (but I will tell you how to open your own online stocks account) but more than the financial literacy, what you’ll learn is the foundation mindset of what it takes to be wealthy.

Watch out for Video number 2 this Wednesday.


Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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