A glimpse of The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp

Boot camp: a short but extensive training program that helps people become much better at doing something.

What is The Wealthy Pinay bootcamp?
If you are in a stage where you want change, if you are willing to shift your views about money and take lots of inspired actions, if you want to be WEALTHY in all aspects of your life – then this course is for you.

In The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp, you will learn the correct mind-set, attitude and practical actions TO ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU WANT! I know this is a big claim but this is the truth!

I’ll be frank with you. I was hesitant to share numbers because it’s better to keep things private right? But I want to be transparent. The same way that I am honest of my struggles, I want to share the success too!

In a short span of 2 years, I became a double-digit Peso millionaire. Half of it was rolled-back to various investments that generates more income, and the other half was shared to charities and to people my husband and I truly love and care.

How did my husband and I manage to have all these in just 2 years? We barely survived month-ends a few years ago.

Did we win the lottery?
Did we become smarter?
Did we join a pyramiding scheme?
Did I sell my kidney?

The answer is all no. The only thing we did is changing our mind-set and took lots of inspired actions. And this is what I will share with you (and more!) on this course.

The Wealthy Pinay bootcamp is an extensive money manifesting course where you will understand your relationship with money, set goals that actually works, be a manifesting master and learn the map on being a true wealthy Pinay.

Watch out for the full story on Monday.


Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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