How’s your 2018?

We are reaching the final days of 2018 and I know that most of us can’t wait for 2019 to start – a new beginning, starting anew.

However, before we wrap up this year, may I encourage you to find an hour or so to be alone. I want you to reflect and focus on how 2018 went for you. This is the time to recollect everything that happened from January – the happy moments, the achievements, the highs, the learnings, the celebrations and say thank you. Feel the gratitude and joy that each experience brought you. Even the sad moments and failures can be considered as a blessing. Underneath the pain, tears, and shame, I hope there was a lesson learned. Besides, the fact that you are still alive today reading this post is something to be grateful for, right?

In my book, The Wealthy Pinay: A Guide For Exceptional Pinays To Create Their First Class Life, I talked about Gratitude several times. I truly believe that being grateful for even the tiniest of things is a practice that one should cultivate in their life. It’s an act that shows God you appreciate everything. It’s also a sign to the Universe that you want more.

Let me share with you 12 things I’m grateful for this 2018

  1. First and foremost, I’m grateful for my family (and my extended family). We are a strong unit and I know that we will continue to be one with the love and respect we have for each other.
  2. I’m grateful for our safety and health.
  3. We went to Sydney and experience its beauty. The greatest part is I was able to spend the time with my mom, sisters and our loved ones.
  4. I learned a lot managing SLIAN NAILS. Running a business is not a walk in the park but I’m grateful for all the experience and learnings that I can use for my other business ventures
  5. The Wealthy Pinay community is growing. I also post videos every week.
  6. My book!!!
  7. I learned a lot about myself this year. By doing things uncomfortable, I learned how to manage my expectations and when to push harder or slow down.
  8. Our house construction in Paranaque is in full swing.
  9. I experienced my first ever snow when I went to Belgrade last February.
  10. I found ways to be more charitable, not only just by giving money but involving other people in the process.
  11. I’m grateful for my daytime job and the salary and perks that it provides.
  12. Sounds cliche, but I’m truly grateful for this life. It ain’t perfect. I’m not perfect. My life is not perfect but I appreciate that I’m alive, healthy, able to do things that I’m passionate about.

And if I may add, I’m grateful to you, my dear friend. Thank you for being part of this community. Thank you for watching my videos and reading our weekly blog posts. Your support drives me to be more consistent, be more open, to think of innovative ways to help you further. Thank you for being with me this 2018.

Practice Gratitude. Focus on what you have, big or small. Start a gratitude journal and see how life will turn for the better, I promise you.

What is that one thing (or two) that you’re grateful for this year? I’d like to know!

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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