This 2019, Live The Life You Have Imagined For Yourself

Live the life you have imagined for yourself.

You might have heard this line from me so many times. I usually end every blog post with this mantra. But I wonder, do you really know what it means?

Is it aiming to be extremely rich? Is it to travel the world? Is it to have 10 grandchildren and read them stories every night? Only you know the answer but I won’t be surprised if you haven’t even thought of it. Most people have never reflected on what they truly want in life.

For sure, we all want to be happy and contented. Who doesn’t? But how do you define contentment? How would you know that you’re happy?

Most women say they want to be a good mother. Their purpose in this world is to see their child grow to be a happy, God-fearing, sensible human being. If this is how you feel in your heart, then believe that it’s true and may the Almighty give you the strength and wisdom to fulfill this.

However, while most of us feel the same way, there is a nagging feeling that we want to do more. We aspire more. We dream more.
A tiny voice says, “Be contented.” “Be grateful to what’s given to you and don’t ask for more.” “There’s a million other people who dream of what you have so appreciate your blessings.”
And although it’s a just tiny voice, its effect on us is so powerful and strong that we bend down. “This tiny voice makes sense. I should be happy with what’s given to me.”

Then it becomes a cycle of wanting more but feeling guilty about it.

After so many years of having the exact same roller coaster of emotions, I realized one thing and finally found the answer.

In our head, the reason why we want things is that of money or self-glorification.

Getting a promotion = higher salary
Losing weight = sexier
Getting an award = excellence

At first glance, it might be true. Who doesn’t want to be recognized and appreciated, right? But if we dig deeper and work on ourselves and reflect, there’s more to it than self-gratification and money. What we actually want is SIGNIFICANCE. That one way or another, we made an impact on someone or something.

If you find yourself wanting more despite constant reminder that you should be contented and happy with life, then maybe, just maybe, you really need to do something more. You have to find your purpose. You need to define the significance of your time on Earth.

Being a good parent is noble and ideal. And I don’t blame you if you believe that’s your purpose in life. But is that the only reason why you’re alive? Do you need to dedicate all the time, resources, and knowledge that has been given to you to your child alone? Don’t you want to help other children, let’s say? Or maybe do something for the environment to make sure that the next generations will still have our Earth as we know it.

Living a significant life doesn’t need to be dramatic or newsworthy. At the end of the day, you will know if you have lived a fulfilled life because that’s when you’ll feel real happiness and contentment.

Getting a promotion = inspiring other people that they can do it too
Losing weight = being healthy to give more energy to causes that requires your physical and mental strength
Getting an award = the recognition can be used to give the spotlight to charity or advocacies that you support

Significance is not only success. And significance is not just all about giving.
Not all successful people are happy. And not everyone who sacrificed a lot for their family is fulfilled.

Live the life you have imagined for yourself.

So easy to say, but I know that it’s difficult to fulfill. Because whenever we thought of what we really want, our money blocks will kick-in and our guilt will play a big role. That’s why this coming new year, I want you to reflect and figure out –  how do you want to live your life? You might have 40 years left, or maybe 20 years, or maybe 5 years. Who knows? But how do you want to live that life?

If you want to create the next big app like Instagram, then do it.
If you dream of owning an art school, work on it.
If you desire to publish your own book, start now.

You can volunteer your time and knowledge to teach kids how to do welding.
You can use your social media accounts to advocate the benefits of recycling.
You can teach other ladies on how to apply make-up.

You can do all these for free, or let others pay you for it.  You can do a combination of both, too.

I thought that the reason I want to start a business is to have lots of money so I started a business.
Then I realized that I earn more on my daytime job than my business’ income. But I still want to create more businesses, and now I know my desire is not to have more money. Instead, I want to feel significant.

The mere act that I’m trying inspires others.
Being successful gives encouragement for others to try.
I’ve always been honest about my struggles and mistakes for others to learn from my experiences.
I’m learning to be more open of my success, not to brag, but to show that everything is possible if you believe.
I published a book even though others think I need to improve my written communication skills. People will believe in you or they will not.
Remember, this is the life you are trying to live. The life that you have imagined for yourself.

This 2019, my sincere wish is for you to figure you what your heart really desires. May you find your purpose. May you find the joy, success, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Laugh, love, pursue, dream, be crazy, be passionate. Most important of all – LIVE.

Live the life you have imagined for yourself. How does that life look like? Paint it now and live it!

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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