Goal setting and the proper way to do it

Are you ready for 2020?
Are you freaking excited like me?
We’re welcoming a new decade!!!

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I started doing proper goal setting in 2015. I say proper because I realized that prior to that year, I never really set any SMART, intentional goals. My goals back then were to save and pay off all my debts. And to be happy of course.
So vague. Not measurable. Nothing specific.

Then I came across the Law of Attraction wherein it says that you can achieve anything you want by just having a deep desire. The idea intrigued me so I researched it more. The more I learned about it, the more I realized that the life I want is truly possible. I just needed to figure out first what the heck does that life looks like. Being happy is as muddy as the Pasig River as a goal.

My goal setting tips are a combination of manifesting, visualization, scientifically-proven techniques, logic and lots of action!

Does it work? HELL YES! Just this year, I’m able to accomplish these goals:

  • Reached my savings target.
  • We completed the construction of our house.
  • We launched Pearl Balls.
  • TWP community is growing.
  • I sold out the first printing of my book.

My life-long dream to become a stay-at-home mom and retire from my daytime job finally happened this year too. If I may add, I was able to retire my husband too.

Are all these just coincidences? Luck? Am I just blessed?

Sure, I am so much blessed. My deep faith that God is always guiding me every step of the way is very apparent in all I do. My faith gives me the courage to take risks. My faith gives me confidence that I’m guided. My faith protects me.

And we’re all blessed. Do you agree?
So how come others achieve their goals and some don’t?
Why is it that some achieve their dreams faster than others?

I can give 82645237 reasons but we don’t have time. Rather than telling you what doesn’t work, let me share what actually needs to be done. My ever-practical Virgo girl inside me wants some actionable steps so here it is:

Achieve your dreams

  1. Write it down.

I can’t emphasize this enough. Get a proper notebook/journal and write your goals. This article explains this extensively Neuroscience Explains Why You Need To Write Down Your Goals If You Actually Want To Achieve Them

Writing your goals and dreams forces your brain to imagine what you really want. Instead of ideas floating in your brain, writing them on paper gives structure and clarity.

2. Make it really juicy.

‘Save 200k in 6 months’. This is a nice goal. SMART even.
But it’s kind of boring. What if you decide that by achieving 200k savings in 6 months, you’ll treat yourself by buying a 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding. Can you imagine how feathery soft these bed sheets and blankets when it touches your skin? Can you imagine lying in bed at 9pm and your tired body will sink into these cottony, cloudy bed? Can you see, feel and even smell it?

You can go for a holiday, stay in a hotel, go shopping. Make your dreams as juicy as it can be.

3. Visualize it

Create a Pinterest board or download a vision board app. You can physically cut papers from magazines. Make it as your screensaver.

Seeing your ‘dreams’ often remind you to take action. The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is kinda true when it comes to our goals. When real life shits happen, our dreams and goals drift quietly into oblivion. Visual reminders are important to avoid this.

4. Intention is more important than perfection.

How can you save 200k in 6 months? Should you save 30% of your salary no matter what? Should you sell some of your old stuff? Should you do freelancing jobs? Should you start a business?

My advice, do everything! Because everything works if you believe it does. Set your intention. Believe that it will happen and you’ve already won half the battle.

5. Watch the energy you emit.

I know it’s hard to be positive 24/7. There’s no such person.
Shit happens and you’ll get affected. Either a family member triggers you.
Or you get disappointed by low sales. Maybe you’re down with flu and tasks just piled up and you wonder how can you complete everything.

It’s ok to sulk and wallow in despair but get out of the rut soon. How? Look at your goals. Read again your dreams. Re-visit the vision you painted when you wrote your goals. Feel it, see it, hear it, taste it.

Forgive yourself for missing your goals. Forgive your financial mistakes. The past might haunt you but remember that it doesn’t need to define your future.

6. List your triggers

Goals, especially money related, are quite difficult to accomplish. You know why? Because of our freaking money blocks. Money blocks manifest in different ways:

  • You stop trying when the outcome is not as you have planned.
  • You don’t want to open emails or messages.
  • You can’t help watching TV, Youtube videos or scrolling hours on your various social media accounts.
  • You don’t feel like doing anything when it’s raining.
  • You hate your husband when he watches tv while you spend your spare time doing household chores.
  • It frustrates you seeing your friends travelling.
  • When you get disappointed, you hear yourself saying this: “Screw that. Money is not important!!!”

List down all your money blocks and how it manifests in your everyday life. It is important to know when it happens and why it happens. What triggers them? Is there any way to avoid these triggers? What is your back-up plan if you get triggered?

Personally, I do batch content. I write like a storm when I’m in a mood and shoot several videos when I’m inspired and motivated. I try to schedule my posts so on days I feel shit, I still have contents.

I also unfollow people that irritate me. Nothing personal, I just don’t like them. I avoid reading news about politics, crime and anything negative. Whenever I feel down, I lift others by giving advice, writing something useful, and talking business with my husband. Whenever I feel helpless, I pray and let go, and I then whip my ass and do something useful.

7. Share your goal with me.

I’m dead serious. Share your goal with me. Unless you have a mastermind group, business bestie or mindset mentor, telling your dreams to family or friends might be received with raised eyebrows, skepticism or doubt. The person might have a genuine love for you but it won’t translate they believe you’ll make it.

Being a money mindset mentor, I always encouraged people to dream bigger and better. I understand their shitty beliefs about money and help them overcome these beliefs. I believe in action too and being a natural teacher, I love giving scripts, templates and step-by-step guides.

Finding someone whom you can share all your outrageous financial goals without shame and judgment is important. If you can’t find one in your inner circle, start with me. I’ll wait.


Goal setting is a muscle. It gets weak when we don’t practice it often. Goal setting doesn’t need to happen during the start of the year. You can apply it in other aspects of your life too – family, spiritual, charity, physical, etc.

If you want to join and learn more about the 3-in-workshop (Goal setting, Visualization and Vision Board) then write me a mail – lynjoy (at) thewealthypinay (dot) com and I’ll share all the deets with you. You can shoot me a message on Facebook too.

P.S. Remember that you deserve the life you truly want. Believe it, then make it happen!

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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