2019 Year in Review

Do you know the feeling that your efforts were not enough? That you haven’t accomplished much because either you procrastinated, overwhelmed, or just plain lazy?

Is it the Virgo in me who’s a perfectionist and love to organize everything? Or is it a trait that most women share?

In any case, I felt totally underwhelmed by my achievements this year because of the nagging feeling that I didn’t try hard enough. I had a lot of unmet goals such as having 10 food carts this year, blogging every week and creating nice and consistent Facebook videos.

I was sulking few weeks ago until I realized what a BS non-sense feeling I have.

I revisited my post early this year of my 2019 income goal and although I didn’t reach them, I was able to start the ball rolling. I launched the book, an online course and started doing training and workshops. These goals will be rolled-over to 2020 and I’m laser clear of what to focus on this time. <I’m sharing all these – my achievements and goals I didn’t achieve – for transparency. I work hard, I work smart, I’m determined and positive, I’m lazy, I’m scared, I’m disappointed, I feel proud. Hindi ko sasabihin sa inyo na dahil magaling ako kaya madami ako na-achieve. That’s bullsh!t. Madami din akong disappointments this year and for sure those people that you look up to experienced failures too. Yun nga lang ang difference, madami at talagang stretch ang goals ko. Shoot for the moon so if you fail you’ll land with the stars di ba?

Here are some of the things I’m proud of…

I retire from my daytime job!

2019 was truly transformative for me. For years, I visualize myself preparing breakfast, tutoring my kids, decorating the house and just focusing on things I love. Since I became a mother, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. This year, it finally happened!

– Action for you

Visualization is important in manifesting anything. Take my word for that. A child daydreams without guilt nor doubt. They daydream without limitation. I can’t emphasize enough how this tool is very powerful in achieving your goal.

By the way, we do have a group workshop in Paranaque on December 15 about Goal-Setting, Visualization and Vision Board. Just send me a message on Facebook and I’ll share the details with you.

Declutter success

When we did our garage sale last July, I can’t believe how much stuff we accumulated over the years. Note that I’m not a hoarder and we usually give away our stuff to family and friends. But still, the number of clothes, toys, books, kitchen stuff, decorations and whatnots we have was truly unbelievable. The best part of my decluttering this year? I allowed myself to receive money from it.

Instead of just giving them all away which was the case for years, I allowed myself (although, frankly, not easy) to accept money in exchange for these unwanted items. One of my money blocks is actually receiving anything from people. I feel obligated to share and not expect anything in return so to sell my unused and old stuff feels icky. I learned to recognize this money block and constantly remind myself – I serve, I deserve.

By the way, we earned almost 12k on our garage sale!

– Action for you

Declutter your physical surroundings by selling or giving away items that no longer give joy (think Marie Kondo). How many mugs do you need? Until when will you hold on to things thinking you might need them someday (that spare cable you’re holding on for 10 years because, you know, might be useful soon. I know who you are!!!)

This is the best time to unsubscribe to email lists (Lazada, Shopee, discount sites) and give yourself a break from information and social overload.

I became more visible

Being an introvert, I have an ongoing internal debate if doing more videos or social media posts is really necessary. I mean, can writing regular blog posts enough to stay relevant?

Alas, my dream is to be a household name and have at least 2 million followers on Facebook (I know it’s doable. Might take time, of course, but totally possible) and I won’t reach that dream if I’ll hide and shy away from opportunities.

I let go of my inhibitions and fear to show my face to the world – I participated in more Facebook groups using my personal account (and actually engage in these groups), I accepted invites to talk, I actually forced myself to wear makeup, put on some bra and attend several networking events (I enjoyed them tremendously).

By doing all these, my Facebook which has around 250 followers in January has now more than 1400 as of today. That’s almost 500% increase!!! Woohoo!!

– Action for you

If you are offering anything, you can’t get away with selling. “Build it and they will come” is a HOPE marketing. It’s not true. Yes, it might come true, but maybe it won’t. That’s why it’s called hope.

Do you have anything to share? Anything witty, anything funny, anything that might help anyone? Share it. Don’t overthink it and just share.

My learnings this year…

Let go.


Not everything is perfect though and I don’t want you to think that my life is oh-so-rosy because it’s not. I still fear of our income, of my kids’ safety, and get annoyed with my husband.

I hate myself when I’m too lazy and delay things because of it. I figured out that my laziness manifests when things don’t go as planned. Whenever I set a goal and won’t achieve it on my desired timeline, everything goes downhill. Sounds familiar?

This year, I reminded myself to LET GO. Trust God and have faith that everything will fall into place at His right time. I’m not saying though that I’ll sit my ass and wait. No. I’ll do my part and let God do His magic.

When I started my manifesting exercises in 2015, most of my dreams came true when I truly let go. I dreamt it, I believed it, took actions and let go. This year though, I was trying too hard. I wanted some of my goals to happen fast enough which just shows my scarcity mindset. Glad that I realized it soon and that’s why I’m sharing it with you.

– Action for you

Dream. Believe. Take action. Let go.
Have faith that the life you want is possible and will happen.

Start now.

My delaying tactics:

  • I’ll start doing live workshop once I’m back in the Philippines.
  • I’ll start launching this training once I learned about this <insert some online system>
  • I’ll start charging once I have X number of free events.
  • I’ll start shooting videos when after I take a shower, put on nice clothes, put on make-up and straighten my hair (which never happens)

It was always a struggle to start NOW because of whatever excuses I’m giving myself. I’m not yet ready. My audience is not yet ready. I still have a small list and network, I don’t know anyone, blah blah blah.

– Action for you

There will be no perfect time. You will only regret not starting sooner. Believe me, start now. Whatever your situation or circumstances today, start from there.

This 2020…

I have simplified my goal for The Wealthy Pinay this year:

  • Have a bestseller book.
  • Earn 50k a month from TWP (might be small for some but note that I haven’t really earned much from TWP since I started. My income goal from other business ventures is different.)
  • Relaunch the Pinay Money Bootcamp and start an online book-writing course.

Sound simple but I understand the Big Rocks I need to overcome to achieve them. I’m not afraid though. Again, FAITH.

This will be my last blog post for 2019. And let me end this year by thanking you. Thank you for being with me. You might be subscribed to my newsletter, following me on Facebook or a regular reader of the website. I appreciate being part of this journey and I hope, in my own little ways, you get inspired and encouraged that the life you want is possible and achievable.

Thank you guys!

Cheers to 2020 and I pray for an amazing year for you. You Deserve It ❤️

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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