7 Ways To Turn Your Big Dream Into Reality

We always aspire to be better. Either we want to build our own business, lose weight, buy our dream house, finish university in flying colors, and the list goes on.

It is normal and absolutely fine to dream. Improving oneself should be something everyone should do. But dreaming is not enough to achieve your goal. As I keep on mentioning, action is required.

7 Ways To Turn Your Big Dream Into Reality

1. Decide what you really want.

Ok, this is the easiest and most fun part of all. Just list down the things that you would want to have or achieve. I suggest sitting in a quiet place, undisturbed, and write down your goals and plans. Don’t censor yourself. Don’t be guilty thinking that it’s very materialistic or shallow. No one is there to judge you.

After creating the list, now you have to re-read what you have written. Take a look at each one and decide if you really want them. Would marrying John really make you happy? Or deep down you know that he has flaws which will make him a terrible husband? Is marrying John really what you want? The reason I want you to trim down your list is because we don’t want to work on something that we will not be interested on later.  I know that our interests and priorities change over time but there are specific things that we always aspire to achieve. We want them badly and we know that these are the things that will surely make us happy, proud and accomplished.


2. Believe that you can achieve it

So you want to lose 15 kilos in 6 months? You have always thought that losing weight will be beneficial for you, will boost your confidence and will make you proud and happy. But the only problem is you have tried so many times and it never worked. Yes you would lose 5 kilos but it will soon come back with revenge in a few weeks. And your mind tells you some logical sense: your family members are overweight hence it runs in the genes.

If you catch yourself thinking like this, STOP! Remember:  what you believe, you achieve. If you feed yourself with negative thoughts, these thoughts will win over. Losing weight will inspire your family member to eat healthily and become more active. You will be the first one in your family to achieve it and you will become an inspiration.

eople may tell you will not be able to do it. Friends will tell you it’s hard. Family members will say you’re turning crazy. You will be discouraged and pushed many times but never back out. It’s not that your family and friends don’t want you to achieve the goal but they are scared for you. They are thinking it’s too risky, you’re too young, too old, too naïve or too weak.

Our mind is a very powerful tool. Whatever you feed into it, it will take action. If you feed your mind with positive thoughts, it will generate positive energy that will turn into positive actions. Once a negative or doubtful thought creeps in, tap yourself and say aloud, “It’s my time now and I am ready to take the challenge!”


3. Take action

One of my goal is to be financially independent by the time I reach 40. Financial independence generally used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. For financially independent people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses.

And I know that this dream will not happen if I will be contented with just being employed. Granted that me and my husband have several investments but these are not enough to maintain our lifestyle till we are old. We have to generate income even if we are not actively working. To achieve it, I have planned to start my own passive income business – The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp. I am on the last stage before launching it. I am really scared of failing but my desire to succeed and reach my goal is far greater than my doubts. I know that fear is what‘s holding us back. Fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of standing out, fear of the unknown.  Never let our fear holds us back. Never let it cripples us and gives up. Take action.  Do it now!

4.  Day dream

This is also another fun part of the process. Who says that only a child can day dream? I always do it even at this age. I day dream on how fun it is to travel in first class with family to a luxury island, to shop without being broke, to visit our own charity foundation, to have more time to enjoy life. I daydream of going inside my own shop and being greeted by my staff. I will check the sales and ensure that everything is in order. I will then pick-up my kids to school and we will have afternoon snack.

That is how detailed I daydream. I always catch myself smiling, even laughing, when I do this activity. My husband thinks I’m crazy but hey, it makes me feel good. Feel the happiness, taste it, touch it, experience it. Feed your mind with positive thoughts. You are tricking your brain and in effect it creates positive energy. Positive energy that will vibrate and align the Universe to provide what you want.

I noticed that I have already achieved the dreams I have dreamt 5 to 10 years ago. It seems to be far-fetched before but I have them now. These goals are both financial and personal. As they said, the only thing that prevents you from achieving your goal is your mind. You can only achieve what your mind can perceive. At this point in my life, my priorities and desires have leveled up. I am aspiring for more. I am dreaming bigger. It is just normal since I’ve reached my earlier goals.

5. Be grateful

As soon as you wake up, give thanks to the One. He maybe God, Allah, the Universe or whoever or whatever you believe in. Thank the One for already giving your earlier wishes.

Always thank people who had given you a favor, had opened the door for you, gave you a cup of coffee, picked-up your mail. Be thankful no matter how big or small.

Always find something to be grateful for. Your food on the table, your job, your accident-free trip everyday. Be thankful that you found a parking, that you’re not late. There are thousand of reasons why we should feel blessed and count them. So always be grateful.

6. Share your blessings

Giving something, may it be a smile, hug, love, time or money. Sharing makes us feel good. When you feel down due to stress at work, smile to people around you and you are guaranteed to feel better.

Same that when you give something, the same thing will come into your life easier. Since you don’t have any negative thoughts when you are sharing your blessings, it’s a positive energy that will come back to you tenfold.

If you want money, then give money. And it will come back in multiples. Be generous not only of your money but your time and skills. Teach people about your talent. Tell them how you are doing it correctly. Share your knowledge. In business, you may want a lot of contacts, but you have to share your contacts first. Again, give what you want to receive.


7. Re-visit your list from time to time

Often, with the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to forget what we really want. We are dragged into a routine of life. From time to time, read your list again and remember the excitement you had when you were doing the list. Experience the joy, the giddiness, the burning passion that you felt when you were making it.

Whenever I feel de-motivated or side-tracked by a lot of things, I always open my notebook, re-read my list, and pray to God to give me more knowledge and strength to continue. I will revisit the blogs of my favorite motivational speakers, I will read business books, I will talk again to my sister about my goals just to keep me motivated. You can read again this post if you want 🙂


This is my list. For sure, you can think of other ways that works for you. Whatever it is, the key is dreaming, believing and taking action. Remember, YOU deserve a life you have imagined!

If this struck a cord, please share the inspiration 🙂

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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