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Unless you’re born to a family of successful people, chances are you’re the first in your family tree doing what you’re doing now. In terms of entrepreneurship, you might be the only person in the fam whose crazy enough to make things happen by hook or by crook.

For an ambitious person, it’s not easy to open up and tell another soul of our dreams. Entrepreneurs are wired differently and others might not easily understand it. It’s hard to explain the burning desire to create something different and outrageous even to our inner circle. Kinda a lonely journey actually.

And loneliness is a dangerous road. Traveling alone (real and metaphorically) can lead to depression, procrastination and worse, giving up.

Do you know the other journey that can be lonely too? It’s the road to Success.

I know, I know. How can it be lonely reaching for the stars? Isn’t it supposed to be exciting and glorious? Aren’t we supposed to feel elated and our days filled with unicorns, bubbles, and rainbows?

But the reality is only a few dares to take the success journey. Only a few have the courage to continue when the going gets tough. A lot of people might start but will stop when it starts to get difficult.

Tony A. Gaskins Jr said, “The closer you get to excellence in your life, the more friends you’ll lose. People love you when you are average because it makes them comfortable. But when you pursue greatness it makes them uncomfortable. Be prepared to lose some people in your journey.”

Now, if you’re initial reaction is, “Screw it! I don’t want to be successful if it means losing friends” I want to let you know that I understand. Our subconscious would tell us to forego success if it means giving up our loved-ones. No one wants to be lonely obviously. But can I tell you something? This is a money block you need to deal with.

Following your dreams, taking actions, working hard for them and believing that they’re possible are all characteristics of someone who wants to achieve greater results. You have a purpose and you understand it now. You want to..

  • Make a positive difference
  • Create a profitable and sustainable business
  • Give something back
  • All of these and more…

You understand that all these are all possible now. They are achievable. We’re not naive to think that it’s easy. Of course, there would be struggles, but hell yeah, bring it on! And this success journey that we are taking now is also quite new to us. We’ve never taken this road before. I doubt if your parents have taken the entrepreneurship road before and even if they did, what you want to achieve is way different than what they had.

Let me share my own reflection on this. 

All my adult life, I’m surrounded by friends who are employed too. We talk about our jobs, office issues and politics, where we’re going for holidays, where to find the latest deals, and so on.

I’m also surrounded by mommy friends. Obviously, we talk about the main thing we have in common – our kids.

When I started blogging, I joined some blogging groups and again we discuss anything and everything in the blogosphere world.

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Jim totally nailed it. What a smart guy! And it’s not a bad thing. If you are surrounded by witty, compassionate, God-fearing, loving, funny people then you are so damn lucky! I am lucky. The friends I have with me right now are people I allowed to stay in my life. They are hilarious, smart, family-oriented, God-loving, hard working and more. Are we friends because we share the same DNA? Most probably. They are a reflection of me more or less. And I love them.

However, these past few years, something inside me awakens. It’s like an epiphany.

I don’t want to be just an employee anymore.
I want to make an impact not only to my children but to others too.
I just don’t want to blog about travels and my dining experiences.

There’s a burning desire in me to be heard by all Filipinas around the world. I want them to believe and understand that Success ain’t evil and it’s possible. My simple dreams (saving, travelling, focus on my kids, small business) has now drastically changed. You can say that I want my ‘simple dreams’ multiplied by 10x. Heck, I even want to publish my own book! What have I turned into? 😃

I credit my mentors for having this effect in me. My mentors who are so darn successful in their own rights yet still funny, down-to-earth, and generous. Some of them use curse words and opinionated. Others are so dainty and have a very clean living. So different yet so alike.

Now that I’m benefitting on my mentors’ guidance, I started my own business and creating more along the way. I achieved so much in a short span of time on both my personal and financial well-being. I have grown and matured in all aspects.

And this growth can be isolating. Not that I turned into a greedy bitch but more of I can’t really talk about my big dreams to my friends now. Some employed friends can’t even understand why I’m leaving my secured job for a life of uncertainty in the Philippines. I’m not comfortable sharing my excitement of creating this and that business without thinking that they might feel awkward. You know, I’m not the type of friend who talks about me, me and me but there are times I want to voice out my thoughts too. And with that, I can say that the journey is lonely.

Entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey said, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

We all have hopes and dreams. Some are small, some are big. We can easily share our small dreams with others. Everybody will be able to relate and we feel safe. But it’s the big dreams that are difficult to share. There would always be the fear that we’ll be judged, that they won’t understand. And it’s scary. And lonely.

Do you have someone around your inner circle whom you can talk about savings, investments, business or how to get rich? A person who you can talk about anything money and business related without the fear of being judged?

If you know someone, may I ask you now to reach out to them and have the courage to ask. The worst thing they’ll say is NO. No that they don’t have time. No that they are not ready yet to talk. At least you tried, and then you find another mentor again.

Now, if there’s no one in your inner circle who fits the bill, it’s high time to find them. The Internet is the first go-to place. Click some keywords ‘how to increase sales’, ‘how to kick-start saving’, ‘how to start money with no cash’. Read a lot of free available resources on the internet and note down the writer’s name. Try to read more of the writer’s work (they might have their own website) and see if you can resonate with them.

Follow at least 3 successful people online by visiting their websites frequently, following them on social media, and subscribing to their newsletter. Learn from what they are sharing. Apply what is applicable to you and tweak their advice to suit your circumstances. If you haven’t done so, subscribe to my newsletter for free. No strings attached, just pure awesome and real-talk advise about wealth, business and life! Click here –> SUBSCRIBE

If we just rely on our own take on things and don’t actively seek out of other successful people’s advice, our success journey might take longer and we’ll definitely feel isolated. Find someone whom you admire. Someone you can relate with. Someone you understand the message and like the ‘voice’ they’re using. There’s plenty out there if you just look.

Now, if you like my ‘voice’ and feel that I’m safe enough to entrust to hear your innermost dreams, I’m here to listen and chat with. I’m offering a one-on-one session if you want to talk about your business – how to start and grow it, I’m also here to advise on how to tackle your debt issues and start a saving plan. All these are no-strings-attached, free and totally out of my desire to help you.

Find more information here –> Mentoring Meetups

I only have few slots available, and if you are serious with what you want, just send me a mail at [email protected](dot)com. (I had to write the word dot and not the actual period because some bots look for email addresses and spam. I love SPAM the meatloaf but not spam emails. I know, I need to explain.)

My fellow TWP, please dream big. Live the life you want. It’s possible. It’s achievable. Just believe and take action.


Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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