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How to Deal with Low Sales & Low Engagement

I’m feeling down the other day. Not physically sick and it’s not that time of the month either but I’m feeling sad. I’m trying to figure out what is the reason because, you know, you can’t just feel sad all of a sudden without any trigger. And I think I know the culprit. The other…

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Quit daytime job and go full-time on business?

Ahhh, last day of work…. Can you imagine how liberating it is to pack all your stuff inside a box, kiss your colleagues goodbye, and leave your office for the very last time? We can almost taste how sweet it is! I think most of us have this dream of one day walking out of…

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Marketing for Introverts

We imagine entrepreneurs as go-getters, achievers, and a relentless bunch of hyperactive people. They speak confidently and don’t mind lots of attention. Entrepreneurs have no issues promoting their business and do it with flair and ease.Oh shit! Go getter – check!Achiever – check!Hyperactive – No!Promoting business with flair and ease? BIG NO!Aren’t you bound then to…

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Starting a Business with (Almost) No Money

I googled “being rich in the Philippines’ and stumbled across an article stating that Filipinos can be rich in the Philippines by: Being an ‘artista’ Marrying someone rich Being corrupt Being born rich Winning the lotto Being a boxer Owning a business Most of us don’t have the good looks, talent nor the guts to…

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Want to quit but can’t? This post is for you

Yesterday I had a chat with a colleague who is contemplating of leaving her job. She is torn of staying and just wait to be terminated (so she can get higher compensation) or just resign. I thought, what a choice! And the first thing I told her is why she’s staying in a job she…

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