Ways to Earn More While Working Less

I have to admit that I’m lazy.
Well, I love the idea of being busy but I really don’t want to be busy. Can you relate to that?

My laziness made me find shortcuts to make my life easier. I became experimental in cooking. If there’s an easier way to cook something, I’ll do it. Even with exercising. I now have invented Lyn Joy’s tummy slimming exercises which I have shown to a friend and she laughed hysterically (Biel finds it very funny too) but I don’t care because it works for me. These exercise routines don’t involved planking, running, crunches or anything that will make me perspire or tired.

In whatever I do, I always try to simplify the process. I know that time is valuable (and sleep is more important) so I skip things that don’t add much value to my goal. I’m first to admit that I’m not the best home-maker. I intentionally decided not to be one. Now, this might be controversial to Filipino families who expects women to clean the house, wash dishes, do the laundry, take care of the kids and other 100 household chores.

I know myself very well to understand that in whatever I do, I do all-out. And in those few times that I clean the kitchen, I end up throwing half of the stuff, I scrub everything from pots to stove to walls and the floors. I continue scrubbing until my hand hurts and my fingers red and sore. This usually take minimum of 2 hours.

And maybe I should add that I don’t, at all, demean women who do all these things and loving it. It’s just that I don’t love it. 

If you are like me, then you might be experiencing the same predicament.

You might be saying “There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done in my business and household”?
Maybe you’ve hit an income plateau and just can’t figure out how you’re supposed to earn more without totally burning yourself out.
Or perhaps you’re sick and tired of working 20 hours in a day and never seeing your friends and family anymore.

Let me share with you some Mindset Shifts and Practical Strategies that can help you Earn More while Working Less

  • Remove the belief that you need to work hard for money

Answer this question quickly without overthinking: Do you want easy money?

Did you answer NO? Then you have money block about the idea that money can be earned easily. And I don’t blame you. Growing up, we were thought that most things in life need to be worked hard for. You have to study hard to get good grades. You have to have good grades to get into nice schools. You need to graduate from a nice school to work in a good company.

And then you need to work hard to get promoted, work hard to have salary increase, work hard to succeed! And having your business is said to be much harder. Everything is hard and difficult!

This belief has been deeply ingrained in our mindset. Nothing in life is easy. Money is supposed to be hard-earned. So we glorified the idea that we need to work, work and work our butts off to be financially comfortable and successful.

Am I promoting laziness? Well, I think you (my fellow Wealthy Pinay) and I know ourselves by now that although we have lazy bones inside us, we are far from the definition of lazy. We are hustlers, creators, and willing to do all the work to make things happen. We don’t really just lounge around watching Netflix 8 hrs a day. We want to but in our core we just can’t.

And this is the reason why members of this community suffer from this money block. We are really hard workers in nature. And the idea of having easy money is difficult to grasp.

Easy money means cheating.
Easy money means being corrupt.
Easy money means we stealing.
Easy money is wrong and evil.

But is it really true? Of course not. We can earn money easily without trading our soul to the devil. We have to release this negative association with money to really allow ourselves to accept blessings easily.


  • Learn to prioritize money making activities

Busy doesn’t mean being productive. You can do thousands of things throughout the day but feel there’s nothing accomplished. We love to procrastinate. We delay things and do tasks that interests us at the moment, usually jumping from one tasks to another. I am guilty of this. As I write this post, I am simultaneously checking Facebook, deciding if I want to create an intro tune for my videos, reading an email from my kids’ school. reading several newsletters. Are they all important? Maybe. But should I do everything all the same time? Definitely not.

After an hour sitting on my desk and not completing any of the tasks I have, I felt like being smacked on the head “What the hell are you doing Lyn Joy? You should be focusing on writing now!!!” And so I’m back now writing this paragraph. 😂

Several things that are important to you should be definitely be prioritized first. It could be spending time with your family, walking the dog, attending church, etc. After all these personal tasks are completed then free up few hours (minimum 1 hour) to focus on money-making activities. Should you take forever to decide on how you should flat lay your products? Is your website not perfect enough that you can’t launch it yet? You don’t want to sell your cupcakes yet because you don’t have pretty packaging with your own logo?

I know that we want perfection. Very good is not enough and excellency is what we are aiming for. But where do we draw the line?

Let us all learn to focus on one thing and finish it.

“DONE is better than PERFECT!”

  • Create a process and automate

If you are a mother, there are hundred of things that is expected of you. Prepare meals, clean the house, take care of the kids, entertain them, make sure to keep them alive, and the list can go on and on. If you are a working mom without any household help, OMG, you are my hero! If you are a single working mom without housemaid, you should definitely be given an award right now!!

Seriously, our everyday tasks are overwhelming and focusing on our business always become a challenge. That’s why it is very important to create a process that will work for you.

  • Will it be helpful to create a schedule of your activities throughout the day?
  • Will batch cooking saves you time on preparing meals for the family?
  • Can you set automatic payment for your utility bills?
  • Can creating a weekly menu list and grocery shopping save precious time and release you from the chore of thinking what to eat every day?

These are just some of the activities you can create a process and automate. Remember that you have to focus on your business and if there are tasks and chores that we can simplify, then why not implement it.

  • Delegate

Trust someone that they can do things good or better than how you will do it. Since I am not very keen to do household chores, I pay someone to do for me. In effect, I am free up a lot of time that I can now use to focus on money making activities.

You can simply delegate by asking your kids, spouse, other family members or friends. Either running an errand for you or helping you out on activities they can do. You can pay someone to manage your emails. You can hire VA to do tasks that takes are time consuming for you.

I understand that delegating might not be easy for others. Entrepreneurs prefer to do most of the things on their own – either because they want control or to save money. But is cleaning the house for 2 hours justify the lost of your precious time? Would it be more beneficial to use that 2 hours to work on something that will generate money?

It’s the same principle on doing your own website, or book-keeping, or creating your logo. If money is really tight then of course you have to use your judgement but always remember the goal: Earn more while working less.

  • Create passive income products or services

All of us wants to create passive income products and services. Who doesn’t? Can you imagine earning money while paying with the kids? Money go inside your bank account while you are on holidays in Paris and drinking latter.  You earn money while sleeping or when you are shopping. What a lovely idea isn’t it?

But I don’t think we can even go there unless you work on the first few points in this article specially point number 1. Few years ago, I have this nagging feeling why I do earn a salary which is x-times more than my family members. I don’t really have a ‘difficult’ job. Am I worth it? Do I deserve it? I suffer with guilt and as a result I compensate by giving money to anyone who asks even though I can’t really afford it.

Recently, I had a realization that this is one of my money blocks and I’m continuously working to release it. If I want to create a passive income product, I had to accept that earning money doesn’t have to be hard. We need to re-wire our brain on accepting the fact that money is easy.

What are ways on how to create passive income products? This will require you to think deep and go through your current business model. Are you exchanging your time for money? What if you stop working – will there be no income?

If the answer is YES, then this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your options. What are your passive income choices?

  • Write a book.
  • Create a value-packed online course that helps solve a problem or fills a need.
  •  Start a business and have someone else run it.
  • Buy a vending machine business.
  • Instead of buying a franchise, create one! (I love this idea so much and we will focus on this on coming months)
  • If you are a photographer, license your photos and sell them.
  • Start a laundromat
  • Rent out a room in your house, or rent out your clothes.

There are many ways to create a passive income products and services and this is what TWP wants to focus on.

The Wealthy Pinay wants you to have FREEDOM!

  • Freedom of Time
  • Freedom of Place
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Freedom of People
  • Freedom of Purpose

I sincerely hope this article makes you think on the steps you can earn more while working less. I don’t know your full story, your circumstances or your struggles hence the most I can do is to make you think. I want something to be triggered inside of you. That’s good enough for me (for now), Love you guys! Remember: Live the Life You Imagined!

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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