I’m writing a book

“You are more likely to achieve your goals if you keep them to yourself”

You might have heard this quote a hundred times before and do you agree with it?

This is my take: If a person is not 100% determined on her goal and plagued by doubt that she’ll achieve them, she’s insecure, or thinks that people around her are just waiting for her failure, then I can guarantee that sharing her plan to everyone is a very bad idea. She will be most likely fail or worst not start at all.

Modesty aside, with all the milestones I achieved recently, I learned a very important lesson:

Never ever share your goal to someone who don’t pursue their own goal. You know that friend or family member who always say she wants to do this or do that but instead reasons out having no enough money to start or the husband doesn’t allow her or it’s too complicated or whatever. She always finds reason not to proceed. This person, unintentionally, might cause you to settle instead than thrive. As our goals are still developing, we need to make sure they are not kept in the company of people who live in disbelief.

However, this is not a concern I have for you – my fellow Wealthy Pinays – because I know you are hard-headed as me (in a good way) and our determination to succeed just keeps on growing more everyday. Remember that we are the anchor of our dreams. We should remain strong, resilient and determined to see our desired results. It’s so easy to give-up and throw in the white towel but is that the life you want? Giving up when it’s difficult? Giving up when you haven’t even started yet? I don’t think that’s you, my dear.

I might be considered a bitch for saying this but I woke up today thinking I don’t give a shit to people who doubt if I can make it. I’m tired of downplaying my dreams just because others might be offended. I’m fed up being very nice and humble for fear that I might alienate someone. I don’t think it’s my problem if I’m goal-oriented, totally determined and work extremely hard to achieve all my dreams. And if some people think na ang taas ko mangarap, well, so be it!

And you shouldn’t give a damn care too! You know who you are. You know your values. I bet you know what makes you fulfilled and truly happy so go for it! Let us stop giving others the power over our dreams.

Anyways, going back to the blog title, yes, I’m writing a book. As in real published book that will be available through Amazon and Kindle. I’m almost done writing, maybe another 10-15 pages more and I’m good to go. There are still things I need to consider like designing the book cover, find a printing company, figure out how to sell it on Amazon and few other tiny details but the plan is have it published this year, latest beginning of next year.

This is me not writing a book but sewing for the first time ever! I feel like my days are not busy enough that I have to take 1 more hobby. 😂

What is the book all about?

As of now, this is the working title: The Wealthy Pinay: A Guide for Exceptional Pinays To Create Their First Class Life.

It’s a book and workbook combined – call it the blueprint to achieve your truly WEALTHY life. I’ll share with you the psychology of how to achieve everything you want. I know it’s a very big statement but it’s true – I have used the same principles and manifesting techniques in my own personal life (obviously!) as well as during my life and wealth coaching sessions with fellow Wealthy Pinays. I have seen these wonderful women changing not only their mindset but more importantly making huge financial and well-being improvements.

From scarcity mindset to having her own business
From a lonely single mother to a happy mom who can now afford bringing her kids to Dubai
From a tired OFW to an owner of several businesses in Manila
From a 50-year old cash-strapped immigrant who now realizes the importance of saving and investment for retirement

I always appreciate the kind words from readers and it keeps me motivated to continue what I’m doing. But more than the words, seeing others realizing their potential and achieving their dreams is a feeling that no money can buy.

I truly believe in Law of Attraction and I have deep faith in our Lord but I also believe that we shouldn’t wait for miracles to happen specially if we know that we can do something. Wag na natin pa-problemahin kay Lord yung mga bagay na pwede naman tayo ang umaksyon. We should be a good steward who blesses others too. I’m sad hearing people being critical about money and looks at wealth with disgust. If only they can see money as a tool that can be used for greater purpose. If only we can use our knowledge, our abled-body, the talent and all the resources that God has given us on something that can make a good positive impact to people around us.

And that’s the main purpose of the book – to make you wealthy, to improve your total well-being, and for you to achieve your ideal life however you imagine it to be.

I hope you’ll be there when I launched the book. Stay safe my fellow Wealthy Pinays! Love you lots ❤

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!
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