Can money buy freedom?

It just occurred to me that yesterday marked our 2nd month of landing in PH for good. It has been 2 months of adjusting, organizing, cleaning and making a routine for our family.

I had always had someone helping me with household chores and the kids when we were in Dubai but it’s not the case now. Although I was glad of the help, I intentionally want to do everything on my own now. It’s always been a lifelong dream to be a SAHM and now I’m living the life.

“Seriously Lyn Joy, are you enjoying the toilet cleaning, laundry, and ironing?”

Let me be honest, now that I’ve been doing it for 2 months, the answer is NO. It will be a lie to say that I’m having a blast doing all aspects of being a home-maker.

I like tutoring my kids, preparing the family’s food and snacks, decorating and occasional spring cleaning but that’s it. I need to find someone I can trust to come every morning and help with other stuff. Which now leads me to my question…

Can money buy freedom?

We all know that money can’t buy happiness. It also can’t buy love. What money can bring is freedom. How do I define freedom?

When you have money, you have more options. Or, more precisely, when you have no debt, when you spend less than you earn, then you have more options.

“I want to start a business but I don’t have money.”
“My dream is to conquer Mt. Everest but I lack funds.”
“How I wish I can quit my job and take care of my kids.”
“I’ll buy a house for my mom if only I have lots of money.”

“If only I can hire someone to clean my house.”

I keep on saying this – never ever say that money’s NOT important if you allow lack of money dictate your decisions and actions. If people can’t experience activities that bring joy to them and instead work on tasks that they don’t like – then they’re slave of money.

I value money and appreciate the freedom it brings. Two months of not working and just focusing on our new life in the Philippines is a freedom I can afford because I have money.

“When you have freedom, you have power. Not like you have authority or control over other people, but you have power over your own life.”

I told my friend Joy that inspite of having less than 8 hrs of sleep every night lately, strange that I’m not experiencing any headaches nor pimples. She reckons because I’m not stressed and I agree.

It’s liberating to spend my day on how I want it. Just like today.
After the kids left for school, I tidy up the house a little and I’m now writing this post. Gibson and I will do grocery shopping later and my mom will be visiting to spend the weekend with us.

“But Lyn Joy, it’s easy to say to aim for financial freedom but how can I have the actual money?”

OMG! Congratulations for asking that question. Being curious is the first step to achieve anything. It’s always nice to be motivated, inspired and pumped-up but all these are worthless if you won’t take action!!!!

You can strategize, plan, and dream all you want but if you don’t do any actions, nothing will happen.

I’m a money-mindset mentor because I’m effective in unleashing the potential of my community. Working one-on-one, my students were able to improve their lives significantly. More than the business they’ve created, or money they’ve earned, I’ve noticed that their personal lives improved dramatically as well.

When we take control of money – how we earn it, how we grow it, how we spend it – we’re reclaiming our power on how we want to spend our time, on the people we want to interact with, on passions and purpose that we want to focus on.

How to earn more money? It starts first by making the decision that you’re willing to earn extra money.


You know, all of us wants more cash. Who doesn’t?
Not everyone though will do something about it.
When strapped for cash, most people will scrimp. They will stop spending, downgrade their lifestyle, reduce their expenses.

Rarely that they’ll find a way to earn more.

Why? Because scrimping is easier. My blog post about it has been shared and discussed so many times. It takes more courage and determination to find ways to earn money.

Warning though, to become wealthy, not only you need to earn money, you need to earn a looootttt of money. And how to achieve that? DREAM BIG.
Think like a producer. Imagine yourself being a CEO. Don’t think of your business as hobby or sideline. Register your business. Pay business tax.

My flagship course, Zero to CEO, will open for registration in a few weeks. This is the 2nd run of the course this year (and probably the last one for 2019), This course is not about making you feel good and make you believe in unicorns and fairies. Rather, we’ll map out your business plan, focus on your branding, and harness your CEO mindset.

More importantly, I’ll be there to be your mentor and accountability coach (Side note: only about 1% of people are really good at holding themselves accountable. Most are better at being accountable to others—family, friends, clients, co-workers – but not to themselves.)

To be on the waitlist, please register your email address HERE

Remember, freedom comes with risk and risk is scary. Nobody reaches their desired destination without stepping outside their comfort zone. When you choose freedom, you make choices for yourself. And when you make choices for yourself, the responsibility and all the blame for the outcome rests with you.

But lemme tell you, working towards your financial freedom is oh so worth it and the only regret you’ll have is not working on it sooner. Have courage my friend.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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