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Happy New Year!!! Can you imagine that not only we’re celebrating a new year but we’re entering a new decade as well? Amazing isn’t it?!

January is usually a good time to start setting our goals as it signifies a new beginning. All of us are optimistic and full of hope. Pero aminin, after a few months, once the novelty wanes, most of us are back in our old ways.

By around March or April, either we admit that our goal is unrealistic, or we’re not _____ enough to achieve it, or simply unlucky. We cave in and admit our failures. We promise ourselves that next year, we’ll do better. Relate much ba?

By now you know that I’m very big in goal setting. I set high goals – the sky’s the limit ika nga!Kung ano lang ang kaya abutin ng imagination mo, yun lang ang kaya mo marating in reality.

Just this morning, I’m dreaming of giving 1 million pesos each to my siblings and probably throw in 100k each for my nephews and nieces. I was smiling while thinking about it. I was happy and already planning how to surprise them with the news.

You see, I believe that I can give 1 million each to my siblings. In my mind it is possible. Impossible is buying each one of them a house in Forbes Park. You bet then that we won’t all be neighbors with the Pacquiao’s.

But why should we dream big? Can we set realistic expectations and just be pleasantly surprised if the outcome is greater than we expected?
Just to be clear, small or big dreams are quite subjective. My big goals might not be that big for you. And that’s OK, ok?

I want you to dream bigger because I know they can happen. I’ve seen it in my own life. I’ve witnessed it from people I’ve mentored. They were able to achieve their dream businesses, savings targets, financial success and in effect improved their overall being and relationships.

“I was able to bring my kids to live with me, went on holidays with them, and started several businesses because of your mentorship. I can’t be more grateful of all your sensible and well-guided advice. Being a single mother is hard but you helped me believed in myself and I’m so thankful that we crossed path.”

Jo Magadan – UAE

For many many years, I dreamt of waking up early in the morning, lovingly prepare breakfast for my kids, send them off to school and then afterward work on a project that I love and is truly rewarding. This kind of daydreaming intensifies when I’m depressed and very stressed at work. My imagination becomes my escape. I bloody wanted to be a stay-at-home mom!

In 2019, the same scene I’ve been daydreaming for many years finally came true (minus the ‘lovingly prepare breakfast’ coz’ let’s be real, school mornings are chaotic!!!). Nowadays, I’m creating a different scenario in my head. Since I’m already living the life I imagined, it’s just natural that I want more. A more purposeful wealthy life.

I’ve been doing goal setting for many years and used to think that I’m just really good at manifesting but I realized that I do have some kind of a system on how I plan and work on my goals. It turns out that I’m not just a plain lucky bitch after all! The way I do my goals is a combination of science, psychology, the law of attraction and quantum physics.

For many years, I’ve been sharing my own personal tips, tricks, and advice to achieve your dream business and life – from releasing your money blocks, to marketing tips, to starting a business, and preparing an exit strategy.

And these tips, tricks, and advice are not only good in paper. Heck, I don’t want you to read them and just feel good about it (well, feeling good ain’t bad though), instead all this advice is actionable and working if you put in the effort.

If you have been reading and devouring the contents of this blog, and feel that they resonate with you, I have very good news for you!

Are you ready to welcome 2020 abundantly?

If traditional goal-setting fails you, then I highly recommend you try The Wealthy Pinay approach. If you’ve been disappointed many times by your failed attempts in achieving your goals, maybe it’s time to try different techniques, eh?

I want you to welcome the new year not only with optimism and high hopes. You have many of that already! What you need are the right tools, fresh ideas, and perspective.


What is this all about? Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever is an online workshop run on Facebook. All participants will be added to a private/closed Facebook group where you’ll have access to all modules, worksheets, live video training, and awesome community support!

There is no timeline when you can finish the workshop, you can devour it in one day (I don’t recommend) or you can take as much time as you want. We’ll go live on January 13 meaning you’ll have access to it starting from this day.

How much will it cost?

P500 only! Why am I charging low? Because I want testimonials. I want to have enough feedback for my future projects and the best way to do it is to offer affordable training. Although note that I’m planning to have a cap of 20 participants or less.

Why is it not free?

Let’s be honest, we don’t pay attention to most things we get for free. If you pay an amount, we’d like to get the most out of it. And I want the participants to really invest in this workshop (money, time, attention) and by charging a fee, it will repel those who are just curious.

My money-back guarantee

I believe in this workshop so much that I’m offering a money-back offer. If for whatever reason you don’t see any value on this training, just let me know within 3 days and I’ll return your money no questions asked. There’s nothing to lose, right?

Is this right for you?

To be honest, I don’t know. Simply because I don’t know you. Malay ko kung sadyang tamad ka lang at gusto mo ng instant money. Then for sure, this ain’t for you.

This workshop is not for skeptics or know-it-all. This is not for those who condemn other’s beliefs and so self-righteous. If you are a Debbie Downer, please, PLEASE, do not register. Let’s spare both ourselves the headache, ok?

However, if you’ve been into goal setting and new year’s resolutions but can’t seem to achieve them the way you have envisioned your goals, then this is for you. If you are open to learning, try new things and want a different approach, I’m so glad to offer this to you.

The workshop will be in English and Filipino.
The workshop will be on Facebook.
The workshop is open to all Pinoys and Pinays!
The workshop is awesome!

Register to reserve your spot – Limited to 20 participants only!

My prayer for you this 2020 – may you find the courage to live the life you want for yourself. It sounds easy but the reality is it’s not. We are always scared of the opinion of others, of what-ifs, of uncertainty, and failure. I can’t promise you of life without failure, heartache or disappointments but I pray that you’ll have the courage and grit to overcome all these. May you continue to try and stand-up every time you fall. May you invest in your wellbeing and continuously learn. May you find your purpose. Happy New Year and see you on January 13!

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