Why do we fail?

Luke: I can’t believe it.

Yoda: That is why you fail.

George Lucas, Classic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Examples of failure:

– Nag set ka ng ipon goals pero hindi mo na-achieve
– Sabi mo mag start ka ng business pero hindi natuloy
– Increase your profit pero nganga pa din
– Babawasan mo yung pagkain ng sweets pero hindi mo magawa
– Mag volunteer ka pero, as usual, wala kang time

Why do we fail nga ba? Tamad ba tayo? Hindi maswerte? Kulang sa tyaga? Kulang sa sipag? Hindi pa time?

You might have heard these thousand times:
“If you didn’t fail, you would never learn any lessons.”
“When you fail. don’t think of it as the opposite of success. Just think of it as a stepping stone to it.”
“No one would be successful without failure.”

Totoo naman lahat yan so I won’t repeat these lines.

Rather what I’ll share is my honest, no bullshit observation of why most people don’t get what they want. And when I say ‘people’, it includes me.
I won’t pretend I’m perfect and have sorted out my shit. Far from it!
I deal with my limiting beliefs regularly. They pop up in unexpected times and just won’t leave no matter how successful I become.
The only good thing is I recognize when it’s happening and just do all my tricks to deal with them.

Why do we fail with our goals?

Reason 1: We’re lazy.

I’m first to admit that I’m lazy. I don’t like household chores. I’m starting to dislike cooking as I’m now doing it every day. If only I won’t smell, I’ll forego showering. Yup! That lazy.

When we say, “I’m too busy!” it only mean 3 things
1. we’re scared
2. we don’t want to do it
3. we’re lazy

You want to be wealthy but don’t want to commute, don’t want to go out, can’t stop binge-watching on Netflix. Can you see the problem here?

Reason 2: We’re disorganized

Life has so many facets. You have work, relationships, health, spirituality and so on. If we focus too much on work, for example, we tend to feel guilty for lacking time in other areas of our lives. We then tend to slow down and say, “Screw money! Family/Health/God is more important!”

I don’t think I’d be able to publish a book, tutor my kids, have a full-time job and have an 8-hour sleep if not of my organizing skills. Wait, organizing is not a skill. It’s a conscious effort to plan my day/week ahead and do everything I can to follow it. Being a lazy gal, I can read books all day but I’m not. Reading books are fantastic but they won’t pay the bills.

You’re supposed to save 200 this week by preparing home-cooked lunch but you woke up late and didn’t have time to prepare. You’re supposed to finish some important stuff but your husband/child/mother asked you to accompany them and you feel guilty saying no.

That’s why in our Best Year Ever 2020 workshop, you’ll receive templates, step-by-step instructions on how to organize your day/week and really stick to it. I know you’ve tried doing this organizing thing million times and unfortunately, failed, so I’m sharing some science back-up tactics to help you.

Reason 3: We don’t learn from our past mistakes.

Some people live and learn, and some only live. 

Kung nag try ka mag save before at hindi mo na-achieve ang target mo, ask yourself, why? Bakit hindi mo sya na-achieve. Giving excuses (madaming gastos, kelangan ng pamilya, mataas na ang bilihin ngayon) wouldn’t do any good. If you fail and made a mistake, define the problem better, analyze what you did wrong and figure out how to avoid the same failure next time.

Best Year Ever 2020 workshop has a whole module discussing this in detail but for now, know that making mistakes is human but repeatedly doing it (intentionally or not) is a crime!

Reason 4: We don’t believe in ourselves.

Poor self-esteem is a lack of self-respect and self-worth. Looking at successful people, we feel intimidated and label ourselves as not ___ enough to be like them. Sure, we can maybe save 100,000 but be a millionaire, impossible!

We fail because we expect to fail. Kaka set mo pa lang ng goal pero sa isip mo, imposible mangyari. Change your perspective. Don’t think of every unsuccessful attempt as a failure. Few people succeed at everything the first time. 

And the major reason why people fail… THEY QUIT!
More people fail not because they lack knowledge or talent but because they just quit. Hanggat sinusubukan mo, hindi ka pa failure. Kapag sumuko ka, then tapos na, uwian na.

If you keep on setting goals and repeatedly not achieving them. maybe it’s time for a different approach – the weathy pinay way. My own tested strategies that helped me achieve my financial and personal goals in a short span of time. A combination of psychology and law of attraction that is being used by athlete coaches, business mentors, and high achievers.

We’re going live on Monday, January 13 and since it’s on Facebook group, you can watch and go through the contents anytime if ever busy ka sa Monday. 

Learn more HERE —> https://thewealthypinay.com/bestyearever2020/

P.S. I hope you won’t make the same mistakes I do initially – being too proud to admit that I need help, being too stubborn to see that my way is really not the only way.
Be open to new ideas. Invest in yourself (heck, the workshop costs 500 pesos only!). I know you’re busy, but you owe it to yourself to try and learn things that you’re passionate about. Your money blocks might be kicking in now saying you don’t need this workshop but if your gut is saying otherwise, follow your instinct.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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