Too Busy Is A Myth

“I’m too busy.”
“I don’t have time.”
“Even if I want to, I’m drowning with work right now.”

This is one of the major reasons why we don’t do any other project aside from what we’re doing right now (having no money/capital/budget is also one of them). I’M BUSY.

This is the same topic discussed on TWP Facebook page. 

And I know this as a fact – you can’t be too busy if you want something to happen.

We always, always, carve time for things that we want. Family time, travel, eating, sleeping, watching tv, church visit, exercise. Whatever it is that’s important to us or make us feel good, for sure we’ll be able to squeeze in some time from our busy schedule.

If you a dreamer like me but find yourself saying “I’m busy” most of the time, then let me give you some thoughts to ponder and tips to help you be more productive.

  1. It’s a Money Block

You are not allowing your true, authentic self to flourish and achieve its own potential. You know in your gut that there’s more to this life than what you are living right now. You can love more and give more. You can be wealthier and healthier. You know that seating on your office desk waiting for 5 pm to hit the clock is not the way you want to spend your entire life.

As a stay-at-home mom, I know that you love your family and want to give your undivided attention. That’s the reason why you quit working, right? But why is there a nagging feeling that it’s still not enough? Why is depression slowly creeping in? Aren’t you supposed to be happy and contented of your life?

Most of us use the phrase, “I’m too busy to start/do anything else” as an excuse but truth be told, there is an underlying fear lurking behind that phrase. You need first to recognize that you have a Money Block that needs to work on before you can actually release it. Unless you’re aware that it’s existing then you can’t deal with it, right? Parang body odor lang.

If you’re new on the blog and wonder what the heck is a Money Block, then read more about it here.

    2. Make a decision

To start anything in life, first, a decision needs to be made that you want to accomplish it. A flimsy desire is not a strong and solid base to pursue a goal. You have to be determined that this is what you want and needed to do. To help you figure out, answer these questions:

– What do I really want to do?
– Will I be truly alive if I pursue this?
– Is this something I want to do day-in and day-out in the next 10 years?

List down everything you want. No guilt, no barrier, no doubt. Just write your heart’s desires.

   3. Understand your WHY

As I said, a weak desire is not a good base to start any goal. But what’s weak desire anyways? How do you define it? For me, a desire can only be considered weak if there’s no defined WHY you’re doing it. Why do want to start a baking business? Why do you want to start a blog? Why do you want to teach people how to play the guitar? Why do you want to lose 10kg?

Being sexy, to be rich or have fame and fortune is not a very good anchor to base your goal. There should be something deeper than that. Something more valuable to you. I’m not saying to turn into Mother Theresa and be a saint. Just be your true authentic self and figure out your own why.

   4. Break your goal into small actionable tasks

Starting a business sounds good. Creating a blog sounds easy. But once you start thinking of things you need to do, it becomes overwhelming. There are so many things to consider. Money is needed all of a sudden and it becomes apparent that there’s a lot of work involved. This is when your WHY will have a huge importance. Remembering your WHY will greatly help.

If it becomes overwhelming, the tip is to break it down to actionable small steps. Want to start a website?
– First week: Figure out your topic (again, what is it that you can talk about for years)
– Second week: Get a domain
– Third week: Install WordPress
– Fourth week: Figure out the plug-ins required and install

You get the drift. Each topic might take longer or shorter than 1 week but the goal is to complete each task. Don’t be disheartened if you’re making slow progress. Slow is better than quitting. The important thing is consistency.

When it comes to our dreams, nothing is really that far fetched. The only obstacle we need to conquer is our limiting belief. Our busy life ain’t a reason to procrastinate and hold back. It’s possible if we believe it’s possible. Believe in your dreams. Believe in you.

“Too busy is a myth. People make time to things that are important to them.”

Have a good day peeps! Enjoy your weekend ❤️





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