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Hi, I'm LynJoy Talag-Cruz, the leading money mindset mentor for all entrepreneurial Pinays. 

Let me tell you something... I'm not your typical life coach. I'm not here to fix your family problems or guide you how to lose weight. I won't give you fluffy and feel-good advice because by now, for sure, you have read and watched thousands of them.

Having me as your money mindset mentor, one thing is certain, you'll achieve success. Obviously, I can't do the work for you but after every session, you'll feel so enlightened, empowered, and clear that there's nothing for your goals to do but to materialize itself. Yup! That's how badass you'll be.

What happen when you work with me?

You'll be a Manifesting Pro

Step 1

Being a master in manifesting, I've been told hundreds of times that my techniques work. So I don't just toot my horn and tell you what I think I'm capable of, but these observations come from many of my students.

The Law of Attraction seems easy but truth be told, many misunderstood it. The Wealthy Pinay way of manifesting is straightforward, no mumbo-jumbo, and specifically designed for intelligent and ambitious person like you.

Your dream business will finally materialize

Step 1

If you've been hoping and dreaming of starting your own business for the longest time yet can't seem to get it off the ground, let's be frank... that dream business won't materialize unless you do something. Whatever reason you're saying, truth be told, it's just an 'excuse'. 

Together, let's create a team to explore how to make it happen. 
I told you, I'm not just a life coach, I will be your mentor.

You'll be a money magnet

Step 1

Money is a very good tool to have to achieve freedom. Yet many people, unconsciously, repels it. I call these limiting beliefs as money blocks. All of us have them but the good news is they can be released so you can finally be abundant and earn the money that you deserve. 

The best thing? Earning money can be easy.

You'll finally live the life and business you imagined for yourself.

Step 1
You'll finally release your money blocks and start living your fullest potential. As you work with me, each session will help you come closer to your success, however you define it. 

I've worked with single parents, employees, OFWs, and stay-at-home moms who have started their businesses, sold-out their products, bought properties, travelled to their dream destinations, left their corporate jobs, and earn an income doing what they love.


How can we work together?

1. Book the Discovery Session

Let's talk and have a powerful 1 hour long conversation about what's going on with your life, the changes you want, and what's holding you back. I promise, this is like no conversation you've ever had. No filter, no guilt, no pretenses, or off-limits when we talk about your dreams and how to go forward with them.

FEE - P700

NOTE - This session is for new clients only

2. Book the Deep Session

This is a 90-minute session to go and deep-dive into your money blocks, discover ways to release them, and plan together courageous and inspired actions so you can move forward on your own. This is focused private mentoring and will be designed to whatever you need. 

FEE - P1,000

3. Book the Transformative Session

This is a perfect fit for those who understand the value of commitment, not taking shortcuts, and know the value of having a mentor and an accountability buddy. 

This package includes 3 months, 6 bi-weekly virtual calls that includes email support, book recommendations, and other resources. We will create your goals and design a plan to actually achieve them. I will be your goal bestie, part-cheerleader, business coach, and mentor. 

FEE - P5,000

4. Ambitious Team Session

This mentoring session is perfect for teams who need entrepreneurial mindset guidance and boost. 

If there's one thing I'm not is that I can't be a corporate coach since I may end up encouraging everyone to start their own business and follow their life's passion. The HR manager might kick me out of the room right there and then.

However, if you are in the business of essential oils, multi-level marketing, or handling a team that may benefit from mentoring and coaching - both mindset and practical skills, our group coaching is what you need.

This is a 90 minute virtual workshop with your team which includes worksheets, interactive presentation, followed by Q&A. It doesn't matter if you have 3 or 300 in your team, we will make sure that every member will be engaged and inspired.

Sample topics we can discuss includes:

* Manifest Intentionally: How to Get 'Almost' Anything You Want
* The Money Mindset Your Need for a Thriving Business
* How to Create Your Personal Brand: Strategic Self Marketing
* Talk Like TED: How to Present Better and Effectively

We can design a perfect topic specifically for your team, just send us a message. Moreover, booking of 5 sessions and more get 25% off on total invoice.

FEE - P2,500 per session

Send us an email to inquire about the Ambitious Team Session

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