Opportunities are everywhere

Literally everywhere…

I always tell this to people who want to quit their hated job but are so scared to do it. Because, indeed, opportunities are everywhere.

Since I returned to the Philippines, I was presented with so many business opportunities and most of them don’t require big investment at all. From being a reseller of a product or service to joining a multi-level marketing group, to having your own brand for beauty products, shoes, etc.

I can choose to invest P999, P99,999, or any amount in between.

I don’t encourage others to quit their permanent jobs to find their dream business because I know they would need to work harder once they start their own thing. They’ll be constantly pushed to step out of their comfort zones and for many, this is where they’ll fail. Besides, if it’s so easy then everybody will do it, right?

But if they really hate their job, or if they’re staying in a mediocre and low salary job just because they’re afraid to start something, then I advise them to take a risk. If they can start a business while enjoying the perk of a steady paycheck, very good. That’s the ideal scenario.

What’s the worst thing that can happen anyways?

You may end up closing the business. So? Can’t you start another one?
Actually, can you do several businesses at once, right?

And if you realized that entrepreneurship is not for you, I honestly believe you can go back to employment if you want to. You have the skills and the experience.

The only problem why these won’t work (the business and the return to employment) is if you lack confidence. You’re not confident that you can sell more. You’re not confident that business life is for you. You’re not confident that you can return to being an employee.

When I quit my job, I have zero monthly earnings, obviously. And I was thinking, GOOD! I’m glad that I have zero earnings because I want to be a guinea pig. For many years, I am told that the reason why I’m ‘rich’ was because I had a great job that pays me well. That’s true actually.

But in my opinion, the reason why I had a high-paying job to begin with was because I was confident I can get a high-paying job. It was my mindset that helped me earn millions in a year.

Now that I’m starting from the bottom, I can test my theory that having an abundant mindset can really make you wealthy. That’s the reason why I was so excited to return to the Philippines.

What happened after?

We came back to the Philippines in June 2019, my husband set up few businesses and I focused on doing The Wealthy Pinay while enjoying being a SAHM. I was full of excitement, motivation, and passion.

Then the pandemic hits...

My husband’s businesses were affected, and slowly our savings depleted. For someone who is used to having lots of money, having less money is a scary experience. It didn't help that my mother-in-law passed away, too.

After many months of being scared, last December, I knew I needed to snap out of it. Being scared won’t do me any good. So I journal more. I meditated more. I harnessed my abundance mindset more.

I also started to recite new mantras:

“Earning lots of money is easy.”
”I am a money magnet.”
”Money loves me.”
”Whatever I touch turns to gold.”

When we ushered the new year, something inside me shifted. I became calmer. I worry less. And I just knew everything will shift for the better this 2021. I just knew.

It started when I was able to finally figure out how to turn my book into a digital version. I was trying to do this process for years to no avail. But in less than 1 week in January, my ebook was uploaded and published on Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Scribd, and other online bookstores. I was shocked at how easy it was.

The following month, I decided to take some online employment. I thought I can go back to working and do something that I’m good at. In less than a month, I found a company that pays me very well, I can work flexi-time without leaving my house, and they even provide me with life and medical insurance.

This month, a friend called me if I want to be a sub-distributor of DITO telecoms. He believes that I have the network, experience, and drive to be one. I could have said no to this opportunity because I have TWP, I’m selling jewelry, I’m the teacher of my 2 homeschooling kids, I’m a house manager, and I would sometimes help my husband with his businesses. My hands are full, to say the least.

Yet I told him, “Tell me more.” We had a zoom call that day and everything was explained. Before you know it, I’m now an official DITO sub-distributor in NCR. There is really no big investment involved. I just have to be strategic and hands-on.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want to remind you that opportunities are everywhere…

Will I earn more if I stayed in my old job? Sure.
But do I regret quitting? NOT AT ALL. I won’t trade the contentment I’m enjoying now doing what I love most. Sure, all the things I’m currently doing are not easy. They’re constantly pushing me to step out of my comfort zone. I do many things for the first time. I’m second-guessing my decisions most of the time YET I love it.

And I know, my previous employment income will be my business income in the coming months (if not more!). Some people may call it cockiness. Others may call it confidence. I call it FAITH. A deep, unwavering faith that we do have a very generous God that wants us to be successful and thrive. Faith that everything will happen in His perfect time. Faith in myself that I can excel at all the tasks I put my mind to.

Be careful though…

Not because opportunities are everywhere means that you should grab them all. Not all opportunities are equal. At the same time, you should know your money personality before jumping into any kind of commitment. If you’re an introvert, an opportunity that are more suited for extroverts will drain you in the long run. Don’t do it no matter how enticing it sounds. It’s the same advice for extroverts who are interested to do jobs that are more suited for introverts.

I’ve been asked many times to be a financial advisor for several insurance companies and I’ve always declined. Sure I can do the job and may excel on it but do I really want to sell insurance? The honest answer is no.

It’s the same thing with the other business opportunities being offered to me. I don’t want to sell all the products in the market. I can but I don’t like.

Freedom of choice is one kind of freedom that I truly value. I quit my job because I want to focus on being a mom, doing The Wealthy Pinay, and earn lots of money doing what I want.

“Earning lots of money is easy.”

For others, what I’m doing now is too much and complicated. They’re not easy. The thing is, they’re easy for me.

The same thing that I won’t venture to baking and anything related to arts and crafts because these tasks are sooo complex, time-consuming, and draining for me. For others (like my sister Jhoanna), they are easy to do.

Don’t take forever figuring out if an opportunity is for you or not. Remember that the Universe loves fast action-takers. If it’s not for you, let go and be open to receive new ones.

If an opportunity came that excites you more than it scares you, take the risk. 
Start before you’re ready.

P.S. If you’re ready for the next step, I’d like to work with you. I’m not your typical life coach, I’m a money mindset mentor. I’m here to help you live the life and business you’ve imagined for yourself. Message me 

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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