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You can use the Law of Attraction to get anything you want including money. 

But for some, it is easier to start by attracting the actual thing you want instead of money. The reason is there are lots (and I mean A LOT) of money blocks associated with money and wealth. The concept of money comes with a lot of baggage, and that baggage can block your positive intentions.

Many people resist money. In fact, YOU might resist receiving money now.

"Oh, you're wrong LynJoy. I don't have that block. I want money and I want to receive more of them."

Let's do a simple test then to check how you really feel about money.

Can you imagine manifesting 500 by Sunday without doing anything hard or complicated to get it? How does that feel?

Now imagine manifesting an extra 50,000 by next Sunday again without doing anything hard or complicated? Do you feel any difference? That is called money block.

Most people find it easier to manifest small things - good parking spot, extra 1k, winning giveaways. For others, they don't have resistance in attracting good job, perfect partner, a business.

But when it's time to dream bigger and grander, everything gets triggered.

Did you resist believing that you can have 50,000 next Sunday? 

"It's impossible."
"There's no way I can have that amount."
"That means I have to work harder."
"Only if I win the lottery."

Many people have resistance to receiving money and they're not aware of it until it's brought to their attention.

Is it possible to release my money blocks?

The good news? The answer is YES.
The not so good news, you can't just read one article and change your mindset that quickly.

Improving your abundance mindset is more than reciting affirmations or doing vision boards. It is more than writing in your journal or wearing crystals everyday. To attract money, you have to have good relationship with money. 

But why is it that some people are better in manifesting money than others? If you're following The Wealthy Pinay for some time now, for sure you've heard me talk about affirmations, gratitude, and forgiveness as powerful tools to manifest money. I realized though that I haven't told you much about one of the secrets to actually manifest everything you want.

What is the powerful secret?

Well, it's actually not that secret. One of the Wealthy Pinay mantras is "BELIEVE". Have deep faith that everything you want is possible for you. Never doubt.

Now, to manifest anything, let's say money, you must learn to embrace the 'void'. The void is the feeling of not much feeling anything. I know that this is against what we were thought about the law of attraction wherein one has to fill her thoughts with positivity, abundance, and happiness. 

We are thought that to manifest whatever we desire, we need to constantly fill our mind with what we want - visualize it, feel it, taste it. And we should always be happy and positive.

Ironic actually, but once we focused too much on being happy and positive, we become stressed that we're not 24/7 happy and positive. So we end up trying and trying and trying to be happy that we're almost desperate.
Do you think we're emitting positive vibration, huh?

The 'void' is a state where you're not trying to manifest through various tools we often do to make shit happens. Remember that the law of attraction is all about energy. Working hard to be happy and positive actually creates the opposite. 


Feeling unproductive doesn't translate to being depressed.
Maybe it's your body and mind telling you to pause and reflect.
The thing is, whenever we feel shit, we try our hardest to get out of it.
It is important to feel good and have a positive and optimistic mindset. 
But the key to manifesting is the lack of resistance.

You have to stop trying so hard to manifest.

To be honest, trying to manifest money when desperate or 'gigil' will actually do the opposite. 

Look at your life right now. I bet that many relationships, material possessions, and achievements you have were manifested without you even thinking about them. It just happened. Without resistance, without you praying hard for it, without exerting too much effort. You believe that it will happen and it's yours, and now you have them.

Remember that manifesting is always about what you are ‘being’ not what you are ‘doing’. Embracing the 'void' can be challenging and requires conscious practice. You have to consciously choose to avoid resistance to welcome money to your life. 

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