How To Be A Leader — For Someone Who Hasn’t Been A Leader Before.

“Why is daddy calling the security guard boss?” asked Biel.
“Well, he is the boss of the gate. We won’t be able to get in unless he let us. He’s the boss.” I replied.

Nowadays, the term boss is thrown around quite easily.

“Boss, pakitabi yang trike mo.”
“Boss, pahiram nga ng lighter.”
“Boss, magkano yan?”

This post is not about if you want to be called a boss or not.
Rather, it’s about being able to LEAD.

If you want to start and create anything – a business, a community, a gang – whether you accept it wholeheartedly or not, you must LEAD. For a group, business or community to grow and thrive, someone needs to hold it together and ensure that it’s going into the ‘right’ direction.

There is a stereotype that a leader is someone who’s charismatic, extrovert, and has a strong personality. He is someone who can stand on stage and persuade his team to follow his ‘vision’. He is smart, articulate and knows how to get what he wants. A leader is an alpha male or alpha female.

For the longest time, I was an employee. I was a great team member. My boss can give me a task and I’ll complete it with flying colors. You see, in a company set-up, I don’t see myself as a boss nor a leader. I might have people reporting to me but I treat everyone as my equal. I don’t act like a boss.

However, deep inside, I know that I can lead.
I’m not easily persuaded by someone else’s opinion.
I take on responsibility and tasks and own them.
I take care of my team, my siblings, my friends.
I know that if people around me need help, I’ll be there.
I realized that I have the ability to turn an idea into reality.

The problem is, people around me think otherwise. I might feel like a leader, but they just see me as someone who follows.

My boss keeps on telling me that I have to take my stand and be more firm.
That I have to say NO more often.
That I have to network and be out there.
That I shouldn’t let others treat me like their personal assistant.

So you see, the way I see myself (I’m a leader) is not how others see me (I’m a follower).
Does it bother me though?


I don’t give a sh*t to be honest. The reason I created The Wealthy Pinay is to inspire everyone to live the life they’ve imagined for themselves. A life that they really want and not what others expect them to be.

I want everyone to live their life with ease. To have FREEDOM – of time, of money, of choice. To do things that make them alive rather than out of necessity.

And while slowly creating that FREE life, I want you to be true to yourself. Of course, you will improve and be wiser and better, but honor your true YOU.

Be the rich and wealthy person you want to be.
Wealthy and sexy.
Wealthy and loves ukay-ukay.
Wealthy and flashy.
Wealthy and loves cat.
Wealthy and a vintage motorcycle collector.
Wealthy and a volunteer.

You can LEAD without changing your truth.

Based on this article, there are 10 signs that you are a leader and don’t even know it. It talks about having an open mind, being approachable, being genuinely caring and so on.

I used to think that being a leader is pointless. It’s the last thing on my mind and have no desire to pursue it. My mindset changed though when I started to dream. For everyone to believe that they can live the life they imagined for themselves, I need to inspire them. They need to hear my message. I have to prove that it’s possible.

The number one core principle about leadership:
Serve others before yourself.

Serve others before yourself.

Today I lead people for a living and mentor them to take a leadership role too. It’s a very fulfilling role and I enjoy every second of it.

How can you be a leader if you haven’t been one before?

  1. Be a role model.

More than being a leader, you have to think and act as a role model. Whether you like or not, you will be emulated. They’ll look up to you, copy your style, and try to follow your footsteps

Your job is to role model the right behaviors. The way you talk, the decisions and actions you make, and most of all, how you treat other people.

If possible, share your ideas, business financials, and vision with your team. Even if you think they won’t understand. Respect and let them feel valued.

2. Inspire

Get stuff done. You can’t be a leader if people can’t see results or you can’t paint the end result in a way that is inspiring that they would like to take action.

Share your struggles and mistakes so others can relate. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness rather can be your greatest strength.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You can have the greatest idea in the world but without a group of people rallying behind your idea, then achieving your goal will be difficult. Leaders realize that they can’t do their job without the support of people who have the skills they are lacking.

It’s ok to ask for help.

4. Delegate tasks thoughtfully

You may feel like you can do everything but leaders delegate tasks thoughtfully. Being a leader means holding the vision together for the team – you need to inspire and empower. That would be a challenge if you try to do everything and be everywhere.

How to delegate thoughtfully? Assign tasks that support the interests of each team member. When you go to a negotiation meeting, invite one of your team members who like to be a sales rep to join you. Later on, you can easily delegate this task to her/him.

5. Be ready for hard conversations.

A leader consistently acknowledges and praises her team. Praising is important and so is having the tough conversations when someone isn’t giving their best. 

On the other hand, you might see someone giving their best efforts but still fail in achieving the required results. How to fix this? Be ready to talk to them and then decide if they are the right fit for the role.

We all know that the best learning is done under pressure or in uncomfortable circumstances. Don’t try to be the leader who wants to high-five and please everyone. They will never grow if you do.

6. Look people in the eye.

Our self-worth grows if someone gazes into our eyes in a positive context. When we talk and the person look at us intently, we feel worthy of their attention.

If we feel this way, you bet the person you’re talking to will feel the same if you look at their eye. Eye contact is your way of saying, “I’m listening”. And if you truly listen and understand, you gain the person’s trust.

7. Know there will be few people who won’t like you.

And that’s fine. I told Gibson the other day, “I’m looking forward to have my first basher!
He looked at me like I lost both my eyes and said, “WHATTTT!!!!???!!

You see, having strong critics (pinaganda ko lang yung tawag, hater talaga yan 😂) means you achieve a certain level of success. As we grow and make a bigger impact, we attract all kinds of people, and inevitably, even haters.

If you have not accomplished anything, then, almost certainly, nobody would be paying enough attention to give you criticism. I always say that my dream is to be a household name. And it is impossible that the 108 million Filipinos will all love me. You will be loved and you will be hated.
That’s a fact and embrace it.

8. Be clear about what you stand for.

People follow you for what you believe in. Be firm with what you stand for and don’t try to stand for everything.


I keep on saying that the world needs more heart-centered leaders. If you’re currently helping now kahit walang wala ka, kung nagvo-volunteer kahit pagod ka sa work, kung may puso ka na magbigay at magturo, I highly encourage you to reach your highest potential.

Don’t shy away from monetary success. Strive to be heard. Stand tall.
Be a leader and make our country and our world a better place.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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