Can You Be Rich and Spiritual?

One of the money block triggering of all – Money is Evil.

Almost all of us have the belief that money is evil. This belief is subconsciously ingrained in our minds that unless we recognize, accept and understand that it’s not true then only we can let go past this major money block.

But first, let us all understand that rich is subjective. It’s when one feels that he/she owns more than the needed amount of money to enjoy his/her lifestyle. A person can have 50,000 pesos and feel rich, while others might have the same amount and consider it as normal.

One of The Wealthy Pinay’s goal is to normalize wealth. I want women to talk about money and not feel guilty, shameful, or bitchy about it. Money is a tool that we can enjoy. I believe that once we stop worrying about money – let it work for us than the other way around – that we can really focus on our purpose and truth.

We don’t need to be wealthy to find our purpose but can we be frank? How can we reflect and find our truth if creditors are knocking on our door? When we do worry about our kids’ school fees? When we know for a fact that people most precious to us might struggle financially if we stop working?

I find it hypocritical that those who say money is not important are the one slaving their ass off working for money.

The truth is that money doesn’t change our core. Instead, it allows us to be more of whoever we already are.

I’m here to help you release this money block because I know that this belief is subconsciously preventing you to grow your money.

Whether you are aware or not, having the belief that money is evil (in whatever way) derails your success. Can you recognize any of these thoughts?

“Ayoko mag-ipon, may magkakasakit.”
“Madami nga sila pera, may diperensya naman anak nya.”
“Mayaman kasi kaya mayabang.”
“Mawawalan ako ng time sa family ko pag dumami ang orders ko.”
“Hindi mo madadala ang pera mo sa hukay.”
At madami pang iba…

If you ever wonder why even with continuous hardwork, dedication, hustling, saving and planning – nothing works then maybe because your money mindset sabotages you.

We have so many money blocks that unless you learn to recognize and release them, they will impact your ability to create wealth and success.

So what can you do whenever a negative thought about money or success comes up?

  1. Say the TWP mantra aloud.

“I am safe.”
“I am blessed.”
“I deserve all the good things in the world.”

It’s better if you do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and tap yourself on pressure points while reciting the TWP mantra.

2. Forgive

List down all the negative qualities that you associate with being rich. Things like greedy, selfish, boastful, corrupt, power-mad. Think of real-life people you associate these negative things with and allow yourself to feel whatever you want to feel towards them. Afterwards, forgive them.

I know that it’s easier said than done but forgiving others is the best thing you can do to yourself. Releasing all the negative energy will benefit you. Things will shift in your real world. You will feel happier and lighter.

Believe me. I’ve done this forgiveness ritual many times and it always work.

3. Figure out what kind of rich person you want to be.

Now, think of real-life rich people who you want to emulate in terms of work ethics, charitable works, relationship with others, advocacies, etc. They are people who have money and using their wealth to make this world a better place.

You can be like them. You can start now.


Can one be rich and spiritual? My answer is yes.

Personally, I feel more spiritual now. I strongly feel responsible to change the lives of others. I’m more in tuned with myself, my belief, and my faith.

I can help more if I encourage fellow women to dream, believe and take action to live the life they truly want. By doing so, they will inspire and encourage others to do the same. Imagine all the wealthy, smart, and heart-centered women using their money to improve their lives and others.
We can create a ripple effect of positivity and in our own little way, we can truly change the world.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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