Zero to CEO – How to Productize Your Knowledge & Skills

Warning: This is a long and detailed post and either 2 things will happen: it will bore some people to death and they’ll continue watching cat videos or their mind will go in a frenzy and puke butterflies and unicorns because of excitement.

My intention is the latter obviously and this is something I really really want to write for a long time now but I waited for a number of months just to make sure I’m pretty confident and clear on my messaging.

Majority of readers I asked answered they want to start a business but the biggest hurdle is they have no moolah to start anything. My first reaction is telling them that they don’t need a lot of money to start. I can give hundreds of examples of successful businesses that start from very minimal capital.

You might be someone offering your skills now – a piano teacher, graphic artist, virtual assistant, web designer, calligrapher, etc.
You might be someone like me thinking you have no freaking talent. Because although I might be interested in a lot of things – cooking, baking, sewing, drawing, swimming – my skills don’t go beyond the basic.

However, giving them the confidence is nice and all, but I decided I want to help further. The Wealthy Pinay mantra: Dream. Believe. Take Action.Consider this as the Taking Action part.

“I don’t have any talent.”
“I’m not good with anything.”
“I don’t have any passion.”

These were my beliefs just a few years ago. When I started blogging though, I realized that I’m good at communicating my thoughts. People can easily understand my explanation and I have a way to make my stories relatable..

I remember when I was in college there was this lesson that I can’t understand to save my life. I ended up getting a mark of 3 (pasang-awa). Then, to my horror, I was assigned to teach the same topic when I was already working as a college instructor. WTF! How can I teach something that I don’t even freakin’ understand?!?!

So I researched about the topic and practiced and practiced (it was some kind of math equation/computer science thing) until finally, like a light bulb moment, I understood the concept.

When it was time to present the lesson to my class, I explained the equation the way I understood it. And you know what happened? When it was time to check my students’ knowledge on the topic, 100% perfected their exams! That’s not best part yet. Because my students understood the concept very well, they started teaching the lesson to their friends outside my class. They had the confidence to pass on their knowledge to others. I was so proud ❤️

You can’t imagine how many times have I heard people tell me, “Matalino ka kasi!” and I’ll roll my eyes 99% of the time as if I’m being exorcised and just cringed. Because truth be told, I don’t feel intelligent. Yeah, I think I kinda make sense but intelligent? Nah.

Can I tell you a secret though?

I look smart and intelligent because of two things.
1. I focus on topics that I know.
2. I tell people what I know.

Number 1: I focus on topics that I know.

Being a wide reader, I kind of knowledgeable in a variety of topics and genre. I can have meaningful conversations about politics, latest celebrity gossips, business, fashion, religion, travel, and a gamut of other things although I won’t pretend to be an expert on any of them because I’m not. Having read one or two articles about the topic doesn’t make one a guru.

You see, no one was born an expert. We become better on something because of constant research, practice, and dedication.

I sound and look smart because I research on things that interests me and can get obsessive with it. I would buy books, join forums or Facebook groups, and attend online courses and training. As a result, I learn more about the topic than other people and not because I have an innate talent or born with an IQ of 140.

Number 2: I tell people what I know

Oh, this is another part of the secret. You might be good in gardening or raising cats. You know the calorie count of all the food that goes into your plate. You can maybe put your baby to sleep in 3 minutes (or any baby that you made eye-contact with). You are so darn good but you never tell anyone.

To start, you might have no idea that you’re that good. You see, most of us don’t see our own talents. We’re doing things so naturally, without any effort and can’t see anything special about it.

As I told you earlier, I have my way of explaining things in a very easy way. “Gosh! What kind of talent is that?”, I first wonder. But as it turned out, that skill is now very useful in my line of business. Heck, I have even written a book that readers consistently give positive reviews!

Identifying that you have the talent, knowledge and information is one thing. The more important part is sharing what you know. Keeping it to ourselves is useless and frankly, selfish. Knowing something useful and of value and not sharing it is a great disservice to everyone who could use your skills and knowledge.

“I’m already providing service, Lyn Joy, but I’m not very fulfilled.”

Virtual Assistant, Accountant, Web Designer, Carpenter, Tutor, Artists, Comedian, Actor, Nail Technician, Psychologist. I can name hundreds of professions and jobs wherein they exchange their talent, knowledge, and skills and get paid for it. They might be employed or freelancer. They do their thing because of passion and interest.

What are the major issues they experience?
1. They wonder if they can use their skills and knowledge to start their own company.
2. If they are a freelancer, finding clients is difficult.
3. And even if they find lots of clients, the problem is how to simultaneously cater to them without losing their sanity, sleep or quality of output.

The Solution? Productize your Knowledge and Skills!

How can you turn your knowledge and skills into a product and earn from it? Is it possible to have a business teaching what you know and good at? Of course, honey!

What kind of freedom this solution will give you? Let me enumerate the reasons:

  1. You can be a stay-at-home mom and still earn money whilst scrubbing the crayon marks from your pristine white sofa.
  2. You might be on your 3rd city in France, answering some client emails, while having another sip of your latte in this quaint Parisian cafe.
  3. You decided to take a 2-month hiatus to do some volunteer work yet the e-book you just published is earning cash even when you’re away.

I believe in hard-work (more of smart work), but I also want a chill life. A life where I don’t really spend my time for money. I want the freedom to do things I’m passionate about without thinking if I can afford it. I want to be with my kids if they need me and not helplessly leave them because I need to go to the office.

At the same time, I want to help people. Might be Oprah-esque again, but I’m sincere when I say that I want everyone to believe that the life they want is truly possible, if they believe.

However, doing this for a number of years now, I realized that even though I want to help all human in this world, I can’t.
1. The desire to change comes from the individual himself. I can coach, convince, and encourage someone but it will all go down the drain if the person, himself, won’t believe the possibility.
2. Not everyone wants the same thing. This is a good thing, actually, because that makes this journey interesting.

So I know that this article might not be useful for a lot of people but at the same time, for sure this can be life-changing for few of you.

How can you turn your knowledge and skills into a product that generates income day-in and day-out?

  1. Decide what skill or knowledge you would like to monetize.

As I said, you might be a Jill of all trades and can even juggle eggs while eyes closed, but you have to decide what exactly do you want to be known for? Do you want to be known as the yoga queen or a keto diet master? Or maybe you have the talent to release negative energy from people by using your knowledge of crystals?

What topic are you expert enough to teach others? To be an expert at something, you just have to be more knowledgeable about the topic than the person you’re teaching, and that’s it. Don’t over think!

To help you, take an inventory of your interests, skills and experience.

This is my own skill and knowledge inventory (with all the wrong spelling and typo). If you can understand my handwriting, consider it as your talent

2. Research if your idea has a good market.

You see, I understand that you’re an expert in sleeping for 14 hours without having a headache afterwards. I congratulate you for that, but, ahmmm, I don’t think a lot of people might be interested to learn how to do it. But who am I to tell you otherwise?

Don’t go to topics that no one talks about, a red flag that maybe there’s really no viable interests on that. And at the same time, teaching something that is so saturated would mean 100x effort on getting attention for yourself.

You need to find that sweet spot when competition and market size is just right in the middle.

3. Remove all those limiting beliefs!

One of them for sure is, “Who the hell will pay for what I know?”. You’ll be surprised the variety of courses available online – from fool-proof techniques on how to put a baby to sleep, to how to teach men the art of romantic dating – and people buy! A desperate mom who hasn’t had a proper sleep for several days and tried all the tips and tricks available on the internet will not mind the USD 9.99 you are charging for your techniques.

Do you know that there are thousands of online courses about dogs? Yes, dogs. Those adorable, better-than-men, huggable man’s best friend. Who buy these courses? Obviously, dog lovers.

Do you know how much this course costs? Almost 4,000 pesos. Yup!

I’ve seen profitable online courses about orchids, crystals, manifesting, and millions of how-to’s about every topic imaginable.

4. Be clear on what your course’s output is.

What does your course trying to solve? What do you want your students to learn? What help do you want to provide? Whatever it is, you have to make sure you can communicate this clearly so your potential clients understand what you’re offering.

4. Make sure it’s a quality course.

Ok, this point is the make or break of your business. If your students trusted you with their money, you have to make sure that what you’re offering is truly beneficial for them.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that the result will be the same for everyone because even in traditional schools, not all who took MBAs will be successful business owners. However, our goal is to give our students all the resources and information they’ll need to be successful on their own.

The testimonials and case studies received from your students will be your number 1 marketing tool so always over-deliver!

5. Determine the most effective delivery method to offer your service.

Should you create a website? Can you do it on Facebook groups? How about webinars? There are variety of ways to deliver your content. You can do videos, books, ebooks, groups. You can use different mediums and change it as per your requirement. The most important thing is to keep your students engage and provide them the best learning experience.

There you have it! A bird’s eye view of how you can monetize your knowledge and skills. I hope that this article inspire you that your dream life is possible. You just have to Dream. You have to Believe. And you have to Take Actions.

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