Success is not a sin

How many times you were told that you’re rich and your response always goes something like “No, I actually have no money” or “Not really, I just got lucky”.

I understand that you don’t want to brag about your success but at the same time you don’t need to associate all these negativity to being rich.

Why do we need to defend ourselves whenever we buy stuff that we worked hard for?
You have already shared the blessings to your family.
You already donated to charity, then why are we being harsh to ourselves?

Even if we don’t mean it, the fact the you are voicing it out will cause negative effect on you.

This is actually a money block that you need to overcome. Every time you say you have no money trying to sound humble, the Universe hears you and it will think that it’s your desire.
You are hindering your full success potential.

Being rich is not wrong. Being a rich woman is not evil.

We can think about money, and travel and shopping and these doesn’t mean that we will forget God and will squander our money on drugs and booze. We will not turn into a spoiled greedy bitch! 

Have you also noticed how our culture frowns on discussions about money?
Some people will think that you’re greedy once you tell them that your goal is to become extremely rich.
It is more safe to say that you just want enough to survive, or earn enough money to live comfortably.

But to say that you want to be rich, oh no!
You will be judged as someone who is greedy.

But why?!?

We shouldn’t feel guilty. We can be rich and decide what kind of rich person we want to be.

Rich and philanthropist
Rich and nurturing
Rich and sporty
Rich and environmentalist
Rich and educator
Rich and motivational
Rich and fabulous
Rich and yoga master
Rich and humble
Rich and workaholic
Rich and giving
Rich and hippy
Rich and shopping spree lover
Rich and carefree

Whatever it is, continue your desire to be successful and achieve your full rich potential! If someone commented that you’re rich, just smile and silently thank God for all the blessings.
If you are brave enough, voice out your praise to God.
If the other person judged you as greedy, it is his thought. Let him be. It’s is not your fault that you are successful.

Celebrate success! You Deserve It!

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