Someone told me, “I want to be wealthy.”

People I met are quite comfortable talking about money whenever they’re with me and I appreciate that. I don’t get it why others feel more comfortable talking about their dieting success or failures than with money. I mean, money should be treated the same way as other resources we have, let’s say technology. How can money/technology affect our daily lives? How can we control money/technology and not them controlling us?

If someone asks me money or finance-related questions, I answer them with facts.

Conversation 1:

How others’ conversations go:
Friend: “Magkano ginastos sa construction ng bahay nyo?”
Others: “Naku malaki, my friend, wag na natin pagusapan.”

How my conversations go:
Friend: “Magkano ginastos sa construction ng bahay nyo?”
Me: “More or less 5 million.”

I mean, kapag nagtanong ako kung magkano ang naging capital mo nung nagsimula ka, gusto ko kasi magka idea. If sasabihin mo sa kin “ay malaki” eh di ano nga? 5K, 10K, 50k, 100k, 1 million? Hindi masyadong helpful ang sagot mo, honestly.

Conversation 2:

How others’ conversations go:
Friend: “Did you continue your Zurich mutual fund?”
Others: “Hindi na, kasi nag-iba na yung circumstances namin.”
Friend: “May penalty?”
Others: “Oo, pero may nakuha naman.”

How my conversations go:
Friend: “Did you continue your Zurich mutual fund?”
Me: “Hindi na kasi hindi namin kaya yung P50k na monthly sa Pinas. Nagsisimula pa lang kasi kami ulit.
Friend: “May penalty?”
Me: “Malaki!! Nawala halos P650k kasi nag-early termination kami. Masakit besh! Kaya pag-aralan talaga dapat lahat ng investments na papasukin.”

Sure, I understand na nakakahiyang aminin na nawalan ka ng pera dahil either sa wrong decisions, bad luck or kulang ka sa knowledge about sa pinasok mo, pero kung hindi natin i-share ang failures natin then how can we warn others so they can avoid the same mistake. Here’s my mutual fund story:

So when someone tells me they want to have a business, quit their jobs, pay off their loans, or save money, indirectly, whether they verbalize it or not, they want to be wealthy – they want the freedom of what money brings. The freedom to spend more time with family. The freedom to pursue their interests. The freedom to experience things. The freedom of not worrying about issues that money can solve.

Money is not the end goal here. 
Its what you can experience and afford by having lots of money. 

Working 9-5 on a job that you hate and with toxic people you don’t want to see won’t help.
Feeling miserable that you’re a slave of childcare and household chores, and feeling guilty for feeling this way won’t help.
Admitting that “ganito kasi ako” or “ito ang kapalaran ko” won’t damn help.

That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing right now. I’m giving practical advice. I’m sharing real-life lessons at hindi lang puro feel-good theories. That’s why I’m honest and will tell you when to snap out of your self-pity party.

If you want to be wealthy, you really need to want it. 
You will need to spend time learning and doing.
You need to stop making excuses.
You need to stop blaming others.
You need to get out of your comfort zone and do something that scares the shit out of you.

I’m never the kind of friend who will tolerate it if you’re wrong. Heck, hindi tayo magiging friends kung toxic ka.
I’m never the kind of friend who will have drinks with you while you wallow with your misery.

Rather, I want you to snap out of your dark hole as fast as you can.
Be more control of the situation rather than just reacting to it.
Using your logic more than your emotions.
Think of a real solution to the real problem.
We’ll talk about actions and, oh well, a glass or three of white wine won’t hurt.

And you know what, my job is really easy when I encounter people with drive, willing to learn and open to all possibilities. I honestly believe you are that person.
You won’t reach this part of the article if you’re not the type who is curious and open to new ideas. The fact that you’re part of TWP community means you’re a dreamer and action-taker too. Very good combination and you’re on the right path.

This 2020, I’m starting a new life and a new money journey.
I don’t have the safety net of a daytime job.
I’m trying to earn lots of money doing what I love.
I’m working with my husband for the first time.

You might be having a mix of emotions like me – optimism, excitement, doubt – that’s why more than ever, we have to stick together. We’re entering a new decade and I want to experience this journey with you.

Send me an email and share with me 3 things you want to achieve/experience this decade. I’ll reply with my own 3 things and let’s keep in touch if any of these 3 comes true. It might take 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or maybe beyond that, but aren’t you curious what will happen in the future? I’ll wait for your mail – lynjoy(at)thewealthypinay(dot)com

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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