Some awesome things I want to manifest in my life

In October 2015, I wrote 20 things I want to accomplish before year 2020. That time, I was just learning about manifesting. It was only a few months since I started journaling. I don’t really know how to complete the list – 20 is quite a number of goals so some of them are just whims (travel to Korea, Japan, US) which not surprisingly didn’t happen. Those I considered major goals and which I worked on to manifest – own home, saving x million pesos, resigning from my daytime job – all happened in a short span of 3-4 years and before my 2020 deadline.

That time when I wrote my 20 to 2020 goals, I’m not entirely sure how it will happen. I mean, resign from my job by 2020? How? But God works in mysterious ways and my favorite Bible verse: “With God all things are possible.” The Wealthy Pinay mantra: Dream, Believe, Take Action.

Now that I’m turning a new chapter of my life – that is being a returning OFW – I want to start a new list of all the amazing things I want to manifest. Note that I won’t mention about good health, safety, great relationships, deeper connection with God, etc because these are all universal and everybody wants them (unless one is psychotic) so please don’t write a message lambasting me for being materialistic, narcissistic, blah blah.

It would be interesting to read this after 5 years let say. For sure some of these things which seem luxury now will become my normal after a few years. Ten years ago, I can’t imagine ordering more than 2 appetizers yet nowadays it’s something we don’t think about when dining out.

So here we go: things I want to do, I want to have, and I want to become.

Business & Career

  • Have a bestseller book
  • Be recognized nationwide as money-mindset & wealth coach
  • TWP earns Php 150k net monthly
  • Help Gibson create a multi-million franchise business
  • Own studio for video shoots
  • Sold-out TWP seminars and training
  • Employ people with special needs/disabilities (goal is 25% of my workforce)
  • Redesign my website

Personal development, Health & Lifestyle

  • Hire personal gym & yoga instructor
  • Go to meditation & spiritual retreat
  • Hire a private chef to prepare weekly meals
  • Home massage every week
  • Facial treatments every month
  • Hire cleaning ladies weekly
  • Maintain my size 10 and build a toned body

Family & Fun

  • Out-of-country family travel at least twice a year
  • Shopping once a year in Hongkong, Singapore or Dubai
  • Finance my siblings’ business endeavours
  • Visit Amanpulo and Boracay
  • Stay in 5-star hotels when vacationing
  • Have a no-gadget day weekly


  • Own farm
  • Own beachside resort
  • Another house in the city with a big garden & pool
  • Own commercial building
  • A Range Rover
  • An herb garden


  • Start a reading & feeding program for kids
  • Start a Talag-Cruz foundation
  • Tithe 10% and more of our income
  • Increase our World Vision sponsored children


That’s all I can think of for now. I’m quite certain that this list will evolve – I’ll lose interest in some and add a few along the way – that’s why I’m excited to check this post after a few years.

I encourage you to do the same. This post might help you get started. Remember, it all starts with dreaming. It is possible to manifest the life you want. Some dreams take a long time, but most happen quicker than you’d expect. You just have to start.


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Sharing my life on social media doesn’t have to be about Lyn Joy and what she’s eating, drinking and doing. Instead, I could use the platform to share the realities of a former OFW who is striving to be a homemaker and businesswoman. My kind of sharing definitely.

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